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Updated on 08 November, 2015
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We live in the age which you can do a lot of things while you are sitting behind your Computer, without the need of direct dealing or even phone calls.

And among a lot of internet possibilities, marketing is coming to the top of the pyramid. It is really the age of E-Marketing.

How to work from home? You needn’t to go to a regular full-time work, or work under annoying boss you don’t like to work with.

How to really realize the revolutionary possibilities that Internet brought to you?

How to market anything through Internet?

How to know the experts tools that help you to reach your goals online?

E-Marketing Specialist Course is a practical course that uncovers how many interesting things you can do with just a PC/Laptop, internet connection and some tools. It is real revolutionary leap to get all of these while you are sitting on your couch.

Targeted Trainees

This course is the most important one that E-Marketing Academy presents. Personally, I call it the “Transformation Course”. It is about transforming knowledge and concepts. Are you one of the following?

  • Who wants to make money online from home?
  • Who read a lot about E-Marketing and wants to change his career?
  • Who has a product/service and wants to open new markets for it?
  • Sales/Marketing team in companies, whether they are managers or employees?
  • The owners of long-term projects, whether it new or exist?

The Goals of E-Marketing Specialist Course

As we mentioned before about this course specifically: It is TheTransformation Course. We transform the trainee from the classic pattern – or teaching it to him if he doesn’t know – to the electronic one, and explaining its possibilities. After this course, trainee should be able to:

  • Know the E-Marketing pattern.
  • Know the tools he need, and how to find and use it.
  • Set a comprehensive E-Marketing Plan, and how to apply it in time-frame.
  • Know the basics of making money online.
  • Save the time and effort by using smart paid and free tools. 

Course Content

Next listed modules are changeable and not cover all material of the course. But we can say: This is the course content at least and we have more according to rapid updates:

  • The basics of Classic Marketing.
  • The difference between E-Marketing and Classic Marketing.
  • What are the phases of effective E-Marketing and what is the E-Marketing Mix.
  • The success of Facebook with the 5 main components of the website.
  • How to make Facebook as an E-Marketing Company for any product/service.
  • How to make Facebook Ads and how to make smart targeting for your customers.
  • The secrets of Google+ and how to professionally use it in marketing.
  • How to get the best use of Twitter in marketing your product/service.
  • How to build a marketing channel on YouTube to get more customers.
  • The benefits of LinkedIn and how to use your profile to market yourself/your business.
  • How to design an attractive ad for Google Adwords, and how to choose the right keywords with the lower price.
  • The best use of LinkedIn Ads and how to choose the right niche and keywords.
  • How to make a professional blog with a suitable theme.
  • How to register your site in web directories especially Dmoz.
  • How to make ads for ads sites and how to make your ads unique.
  • How to make ads for forums, and how to avoid deleting your ads.
  • How to use Email Marketing in your business and how to get targeted and effective mails for your niche.
  • How to write a compelling article and choose attractive headlines.
  • How to collect required data and use it to call customers.

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About E-Marketing Academy

Being now peruse this page, it means that you are interested in electronic marketing. Whether you've written the term "e-marketing" in the Google search engine, or come across a friendly links, or sponsored links, Fbugodk here now - in e-marketing Academy - I can assure you that you have stepped first step in this promising They are here at the Academy of e-marketing are keen to grow yTheir business on the Theyb, and increase yTheir experience, in all aspects. Whether you are a company or individual can do a lot in terms of yTheir business on the Internet file.

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