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Declaration of the most important marketing activities contribute to the delivery of products to consumers is considered. Therefore, it is necessary to absorb the role of advertising for each of the sales and marketing managers, businessmen and managers, and all of it linked to the sale of products in the organization. On the other level, the public relations has its positive role in the success of the enterprises, including their impact on individuals where this is reflected on the influence they feel about the organization and its products. Therefore, the vast majority of managers and Aladarin fully aware of the importance and benefits of good public relations in their field.


Degree from the College International Cambridge documented from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry. + Certificate of Honorary from Cambridge College winning Diploma + Certificate of Training Center later


  • Functions of Public Relations Department of the institutional environment
  • Development of publicity for the government plan or private sector
  • organizations in response to the subject of management or crisis
  • drafting of the various media
  • convince or sway public opinion
  • public relations and means of communication
  • practical skills for public relations and publicity
  • Publication concepts and advertising and public relations
  • the company's image and slogans
  • establish forums and exhibitions


  • Mzia types and advertising; goals, important for producers, sellers, consumers and the media.
  • Types: individuals. Advertising in the media: print, radio, direct mail, cinemas etc .. and websites.
  • Advertising Agencies: jobs, organizations, staff, departments and business entrusted to them, the perpetrators of the ads and duties.
  • Creative and design of visual ads (television), audio (radio), and printed.
  • Processing publicity campaigns.
  • Public relations between theory and practice: the objectives, programs, and technical methods. Departments and public relations advisers: comparisons.
  • Promo mix. Advertising and organizing campaigns. Sales propaganda. Measure the success of both public relations and advertising

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