Saber Middle East Diploma in Supply Chain Management Saber Middle East
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Course Objectives
As competition increases, companies should start looking at different methods to enhance productivity and reduce their costs. These sessions have been made concise and practical to provide participants with all the basics, covering below topics to equip them with the right tools for effective supply chain management and to meet customer demand more efficiently.
Session Topics
This diploma introduces the Supply Chain and the challenges faced by management. Thus, it includes the following courses: 
  • Supply Chain 101
  • Procurement 101
  • Logistics 101
  • Production 101
  • Inventory 101
  • Warehousing 101
Target AudienceThese sessions are directed to groups of members involved in planning, implementing and managing the company's functions revolving around Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics, Operations and Customer Service.
Certificate of Completion
Diploma in Supply Chain Management will be issued from Saber Academy and Pebble Hills University (USA) only after passing a 1 hour examination about covered topics.

Career Path

If you are interested to start a career path in Supply Chain, Purchasing, Logistics, Warehousing, Production or Stock Control, this Diploma in SCM provides you with the necessary skills and practical knowledge in the diverse supply chain functions and processes.

Saber Middle East is a Consulting, Training and Development firm dedicated towards serving companies by transferring knowledge about best-in-class practices to unleash their potential in Supply Chain & Logistics Operations. We conduct both public and in-house trainings tailored to our client’s needs and focusing on:

  • Supply Chain Management practices
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Warehousing Practices & Inventory Management
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting
  • Cost Reduction and Performance Improvement
  • Business Process Re-engineering
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