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Supervision plays a unique and critical role in management, as supervisors work as the direct interface between management and the workforce and are valued for the successful supervision of the vast day to day operations of trade, industry and commerce. The Diploma in Supervisory Management aims at developing participants in the essential techniques and skills that are required to be successful supervisors and team leaders.


This course has been designed for those who have been appointed to team leader or supervisory positions or anyone who is considering taking on or applying for a position that requires supervision of staff. It is also suitable for managers who have no formal education.


To provide participants with a body of knowledge which will enable them to:

  •  apply appropriate management techniques to solve problems on quality, cost and delivery, and to improve efficiency at the workplace
  •  establish a systematic process for planning work, setting expectations and monitoring performance
  •  boost and enhance your communication impact
  •  influence inpiduals with direct and indirect reporting relationships
  •  build and lead high performance teams


  • The course is pided into seven units:

Unit 1 - The Supervisor's Special Role [12 hours]

  •  Three types of management skills
  •  The supervisors responsibility
  •  Workforce trends affecting supervisor
  •  Sources of supervisory personnel

Unit 2 - Management Concepts [9 hours]

  •  Defining management
  •  Delegation
  •  The management hierarchy
  •  Managing your time

Unit 3 * Management Functions [9 hours]

  •  Planning
  •  Organizing
  •  Directing
  •  Controlling

Unit 4 - Communication [9 hours]

  •  Goals of communication
  •  The communication process
  •  Downward. Upward, diagonal and horizontal communication
  •  Communication barriers

Unit 5 ' Building Relationships & Managing Conflicts [9

  •  Goals of human relations
  •  Developing sound relationships with employees
  •  Getting along with your boss
  •  Managing conflict

Unit 6 ' Motivation [9 hours]

  •  Motivation defined
  •  Supervisors and human needs
  •  Motivational theories
  •  Managing motivation

Unit 7 - Leadership & Management Styles [9 hours]

  •  Leadership
  •  Contingency models of leadership
  •  Emotional intelligence
  •  Charismatic leaders


  • The diploma is assessed through continuous


  1. A certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course with an overall mark of 50% or over with above 80% attendance record.

About Bahrain Training Institute

As one of the leading training organizations in the Middle East, We_They maintained outstanding performance and progressed from one stage to the next in the design, development and delivery of industry-specific training and rehabilitation programmes. Since its establishment in 1979 by the High Council for Vocational Training as a “Vocational Training Centre” and then after restructuring it in 1992, We_They has always had a leading role in providing the highest standard of vocational training that caters to the needs and ongoing developments of different sectors of the labour market from engineering to services and information technology.

Since its inception in 1992, We_They has played a key role in meeting the needs of the labour market and trainees by providing quality education and training, qualifying Bahrainis to become a trained workforce that has all the potentials, skills and capabilities thus making them the employees of choice.

In its pursuit of excellence, We_They subscribes to the following values:

  • To view excellence as the combination of efficiency, effectiveness, quality, equality and participation.
  • To view staff as its most valuable resource whose development and well-being is to be nurtured.
  • To function as a learning organization utilizing the capacity and talents of its staff in dealing with organizational issues.
  • To operate in a transparent, ethical and accountable manner.
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