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Module1 (Diploma In Economics)

  • THE NATURE AND IMPORTANCE OF MICRO ECONOMICS: Basic problems of Micro Economic Theory. The Determination of Output composition. The Allocation of Resources. The Distribution of the Product and Maintenance and Expansion to the Productive Capacity of the Economy. Market Economy and the Treatment of Basic Economic Problems. The relative importance of Market Mechanism in Capitalism. Socialism and Islamic Economic System. 
  • THE THEORY OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR: The Utility Theory of Consumer Behaviour. Indifference Curies, Analysis Indifference Curves and Marginal rate of Substitution, Consumer Equilibrium, Income Substitution and Price Effect of a Normal, Inferior and Giffen Good, Derivation of Demand Curve from Price-Consumption Curve. Revnaled Preference Theory. Price Income and Cross Elasticities of Demand and their Measurement. 
  • THE THEORY OF PRODUCTION, COSTS AND REVENUES: The Concept of Production Function, Iso-quant and Iso-Cost Curves. Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution. Optimal Combination of Resources. The Cost and Revenues of a Firm. 
  • THE THEORY OF FIRM BEHAVIOUR AND MARKET ORGANIZATION: (a) Perfect Competition: Assumption of Perfect Competition. Equilibrium of a Firm and Industry during Short and Long Periods. Short and long Period Supply Curve of a Firm and Industry. MONOPOLY: The Nature and Extent of Monopoly, short-run and Long-run Equilibrium under Pure Monopoly. Dumping and Price Discrimination. Welfare effects of Monopolies. (b) Imperfect Competition: Monopolistic Composition and its Main Characteristics. Short-run and Long-run Equilibrium under Monopolistic Competition. Pricing and Output Determination under Obigopoly. Price Leadership and Cartels. Inefficiencies due to imperfect Competition. 
  • PRICING AND EMPLOYMENT RESOURCES: The Marginal Productivity Theory of Resource Pricing. The Modern Theory of Resource pricing and Employment. The input Demand Curve of Firm with One Variable Resource. The Demand Curve of a Firm with Several Variable resources. The Market Demand Curve. The Supply Curve of Resources. Resources Pricing under perfect Competition, Monopoly and Monopsony.

Module2 (Diploma In Economics)

  • A FRAME-WORK FOR MACRO ECONOMICS Macro Economics vs Micro Economics. Macro Economic Problems: Unemployment, Inflation and Growth.
  • DETERMINATION OF NATIONAL INCOME AND EMPLOYMENT (Two sector Economy) (i) The Classical Theory Employment: Says Law of Markets. Aggregate Demand and the Quantity Theory of Real Wage Function. Classical Macro Economic System, its Diagramatic representation. Keynesian Critique of Classical system. (ii) Keynesian Theory of Income and Employment: Equilibrium Level of National Income: Saving and Investment Approach: Consumption and Investment Approach. Relation Between Investment and Income. Investment Multiplier. Inflationary and Deflationay Gaps and Full Employment level. 
  • DETERMINANTS OF NATIONAL INCOME (Two Sector Economy) (i) Consumption: Comsumption and Saving Function. Keynesian Psychological Law of consumption. Determinants of Consumption. Explanation of Observed Relationship between consumption and Income: Relative Income, Permanent Income and Life Theories of Consumption. (ii) Investment: Investment and Capital Determinants of Investment, Marginal Efficiency Capital (MEC) and Marginal Efficiency of Investment (MEI). Optimal Level Investment. The Principles of Acceleration. 4. GENERAL EQUILIBRIUM IN THE GOODS AND MONEY MARKET The Derivation of IS Function in the Goods Market. The Slope and Position and its curve. The derivation of LM Function in the Money Market. The Demand and Supply of Money. The interest Rate. The Slope and Position of LM Curve. Simultaneous Equilibrium in the goods and Money Market. Adjustment towards Equilibrium. 
  • FLUCTUATION IN NATIONAL INCOME: Business Cycles and their main Features. Interaction of Multiplier and Accrator. Counter-Cyclical Measures. 
  • MONETARY INFLUENCE ON INCOME DETERMINATION Monetary Policy: Its Nature, Objectives and Instruments. Influence of Policy on Income Determination (by affecting c+I+G). Money and Inflation Stagflation 
  • FISCAL POLICY AND INCOME DETERMINATION INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND INCOME DETERMINATION Theory of Comparative Advantage. Classical and Ohlin Theory. Balance of Payments. Disequilibrium and Adjustment Policies. Devaluation and Revaluation, Depreciation and Appreciation of Exchange Rate. Determination of National Income in a Four Sector Economy. The Foreign Trade Multiplier and changes in the level of Income.

About Abaseen Institute of Medical & Modern Sciences

AIMMS (Abaseen Institute of Medical & Modern Sciences) is the only ISO Certified, &  the biggest educational network of its kind in the country and spread throughout all provinces. It is to further clarify that AIMMS is affiliated institute with Trade Testing Board, Board of Technical Education KPK, Skill Development Council Punjab, Board of Technical Education,  and other national and international bodies of education like United Kingdom Association of Professionals(UKAP), American Learning Center Virginia of USA and  especially for international students, and is working as a registerd firm.  AIMMS does not issue its own certification, but it helps the prospective students issue various diplomas/certificates and awards with the collaboration of these affiliated bodies.

AIMMS, the only home of learning where your dream to get 1 & 2 year professional diploma of International standard, has become easier now. The ocean of learning & motivation, pioneer in Distance Learning, Assignment, Home Based Study and Experience Based education, and the only ISO certified and Govt recognized organization of its kind in the region, engaged in providing education under unique style at your door step and shape your skills into productive excellence. 

The launch of Abaseen Institute of Medical and Modern Science (AIMMS) is a hall-mark event in the educational history of Pakistan. In collaboration with well-reputed organizations of the country and abroad, and the liberal support of professionals, AIMMS is taking big strides on the way to unprecedented progress. It has brought in vogue education at your door steps through various strategies which includes Distance Learning Program (DLP), FAST Track Education System (FTES) and Experience based education program known as RPL. This will have tremendous impact on the socio-economic growth of the country.

AIMMS provides competency based, Skill-oriented  certification, Diplomas, Certified Professional Management (CPM) and  experienced professionals in the field of research, management, health, technical, vocational and computer related technologies to help the under privileged segments of the society. To bring prosperity through skill is the sole motto of AIMMS. For all technical and practical courses, previous experience is required, otherwise, we can arrange periodic workshop for the students if the required number of students get enrolled.

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