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Module1 (Diploma In Customer Relation Management)

  • A Customer Centered/Focused Organization How important is good customer service really? The evolution of Customer Service, TQM, Perceptions, The Hot Button' of the 90s 
  • Taking an honest look at your own customer service Your current customer service profile, Self-evaluation  honestly! How does your company rate? Protocols, How do you & your company deal with Feelings? 
  • Your company's Customer Service focus In-focused, Customer-Focused, The 3 Basic Elements of Excellent Service, Are you friendly to customers? Customer Friendly Reflections, Expanding your understand of your Company's Definition of Service 
  • Developing a Winning Customer Service Strategy What are your current Customer Service Strategies? Key Strategies , Top Down Approach, Actually using the Feedback you ask for, Know thyself & it shall be true! The creation of client centric practices, The sheer economic necessity of Top Customer Service 
  • The "Plus's" of exceptional Customer Service Critical success factors , Consistency, Criteria, Recognizing Excellence/Reward & Recognition Factors, Awareness, Education 
  • The WOW Customer Service Training & Service Excellence The wisdom of choosing appropriate training, Brainstorming & Problem Solving Customer Service Enhancers, TIPS - The Coaching Approach, The Listen & Learn Approach 
  • Which is the way to go: Surveys/Questionnaires, Interviews or Focus groups? Surveys, Questionnaires, Interviews, Focus Groups, Who should conduct or run them? Which one should you use? HOW TO prepare a Top Customer Service Survey 

Module2 (Diploma In Customer Relation Management)

  • Acquiring Customers & Keeping Them Put yourself in the customers shoes, What does my customer actually want? Standards  making, measuring & managing, What you can measure you can manage, Reinventing your processes to suit the customer, Quality Groups What NOT to Do if you want to keep your customers 
  • Those Extras' & Miscellaneous Factors Body Language, It's How You Say It that really counts, Your computer isn't always your best friend, The differences between data and information, The 2 "E's"  Ethics & Espionage v
  • 10. When the Going Becomes Rough -- What to Do! When you need to say NO and how to say it! Seeing Red and Dealing with It! Take the Initiative and Bounce Back 
  • Working in the World of the WEB! The Internet has changed the rules & HOW! Automating the personal touch? Clicking with your Customers, Developing Trust & Loyalty  online, Customer Acquisition, Some rules for staying on the road to Success with E-Commerce 
  • CRM It's not just an Option  It's here to STAY! Exactly what is CRM? Is it the Latest & Greatest? How do we use it? Automating the personal touch, Defining the technical requirements, Choosing the right CRM tools, The amazing power of CRM, The correct CRM program for you, What defines success with CRM? 
  • Customer Service Management Options of the Future! People Orientated? Technology Orientated? Strategies, How to best organize Customer Service for the future

About Abaseen Institute of Medical & Modern Sciences

AIMMS (Abaseen Institute of Medical & Modern Sciences) is the only ISO Certified, &  the biggest educational network of its kind in the country and spread throughout all provinces. It is to further clarify that AIMMS is affiliated institute with Trade Testing Board, Board of Technical Education KPK, Skill Development Council Punjab, Board of Technical Education,  and other national and international bodies of education like United Kingdom Association of Professionals(UKAP), American Learning Center Virginia of USA and  especially for international students, and is working as a registerd firm.  AIMMS does not issue its own certification, but it helps the prospective students issue various diplomas/certificates and awards with the collaboration of these affiliated bodies.

AIMMS, the only home of learning where your dream to get 1 & 2 year professional diploma of International standard, has become easier now. The ocean of learning & motivation, pioneer in Distance Learning, Assignment, Home Based Study and Experience Based education, and the only ISO certified and Govt recognized organization of its kind in the region, engaged in providing education under unique style at your door step and shape your skills into productive excellence. 

The launch of Abaseen Institute of Medical and Modern Science (AIMMS) is a hall-mark event in the educational history of Pakistan. In collaboration with well-reputed organizations of the country and abroad, and the liberal support of professionals, AIMMS is taking big strides on the way to unprecedented progress. It has brought in vogue education at your door steps through various strategies which includes Distance Learning Program (DLP), FAST Track Education System (FTES) and Experience based education program known as RPL. This will have tremendous impact on the socio-economic growth of the country.

AIMMS provides competency based, Skill-oriented  certification, Diplomas, Certified Professional Management (CPM) and  experienced professionals in the field of research, management, health, technical, vocational and computer related technologies to help the under privileged segments of the society. To bring prosperity through skill is the sole motto of AIMMS. For all technical and practical courses, previous experience is required, otherwise, we can arrange periodic workshop for the students if the required number of students get enrolled.

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