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Module1 (Diploma In Building Electrician)

  • Ohms law Grouping of Resistors, capacitors and cells
  • Measurement of resistance by different methods Wheatstone bridge, LCR bridge Krichoff's law solving for current, voltage and power in different network circuits heating effect of electric current 
  • Calibration of AC/DC voltmeter, Ammeter, Wattmeter, energy meter by different methods. Work, power and Energy Solving for the different ckts 
  • AC fundamentals solving RLC circuits for different parameters in single phase 
  • Star and delta connections in three phase circuits Solving RLC circuits in three phase derivation of formula for three phase power 
  • Power factor and its importance PF improving methods disadvantages of low power factor real, apparent, and reactive power 
  • Primary and secondary cells, their construction and working lead acid battery in detail charging methods battery charger circuits general maintenance

Module2 (Diploma In Building Electrician)

  • Magnetism and electro magnetism terminology used magnetic circuits magnetic induction Faraday's law, BH curve. Fuse, its importance, rating MCB, MCB DB, ELCB, Construction, types and working. 
  • Wiring systems and types comparison between different types of wirings installation testing methods. Earthing methods pipe and plate earthing in detail, measurement of earth resistance. 10 Parts and working of fluorescent tube, HPMV and HPSV lamps. 
  • Wiring estimation of domestic and industrial installation. 
  • DC generator classification characteristics of shunt, series and compound generators and its application loading and voltage regulation parallel operation armature reaction and commutation efficiency care and maintenance trouble shooting etc., 
  • DC Motor principle and types characteristic and application starters and necessity  construction and working of starters speed control methods efficiency trouble shooting care and maintenance. 
  • Transformer principle, construction and types EMF equation, rating loading losses and efficiency instrument transformers and their application parallel operation cooling methods auto transformer transformer oil testing numerical on transformer 
  • Introduction of inverters, medium frequency welding trnasformer

About Abaseen Institute of Medical & Modern Sciences

AIMMS (Abaseen Institute of Medical & Modern Sciences) is the only ISO Certified, &  the biggest educational network of its kind in the country and spread throughout all provinces. It is to further clarify that AIMMS is affiliated institute with Trade Testing Board, Board of Technical Education KPK, Skill Development Council Punjab, Board of Technical Education,  and other national and international bodies of education like United Kingdom Association of Professionals(UKAP), American Learning Center Virginia of USA and  especially for international students, and is working as a registerd firm.  AIMMS does not issue its own certification, but it helps the prospective students issue various diplomas/certificates and awards with the collaboration of these affiliated bodies.

AIMMS, the only home of learning where your dream to get 1 & 2 year professional diploma of International standard, has become easier now. The ocean of learning & motivation, pioneer in Distance Learning, Assignment, Home Based Study and Experience Based education, and the only ISO certified and Govt recognized organization of its kind in the region, engaged in providing education under unique style at your door step and shape your skills into productive excellence. 

The launch of Abaseen Institute of Medical and Modern Science (AIMMS) is a hall-mark event in the educational history of Pakistan. In collaboration with well-reputed organizations of the country and abroad, and the liberal support of professionals, AIMMS is taking big strides on the way to unprecedented progress. It has brought in vogue education at your door steps through various strategies which includes Distance Learning Program (DLP), FAST Track Education System (FTES) and Experience based education program known as RPL. This will have tremendous impact on the socio-economic growth of the country.

AIMMS provides competency based, Skill-oriented  certification, Diplomas, Certified Professional Management (CPM) and  experienced professionals in the field of research, management, health, technical, vocational and computer related technologies to help the under privileged segments of the society. To bring prosperity through skill is the sole motto of AIMMS. For all technical and practical courses, previous experience is required, otherwise, we can arrange periodic workshop for the students if the required number of students get enrolled.

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