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Module1 (Diploma In Algorithms)

  • What is algorithm?
  • Why analyze algorithms? 
  • RAM Model of computation 
  • Order notations 
  • Graph Algorithms: 
  • Topological Sort 
  • Queue-based topological sort algorithm 
  • Shortest Path on un-weighted graph 
  • Dijkstra's algorithm for weighted graph 
  • Proof of D's algorithm Modified 
  • D's algorithm for negative weighted graph 
  • D's algorithm for acyclic graph: 
  • Critical path analysis problem 
  • All-pairs shortest path 
  • Maximum flow problem 
  • Minimum Spanning 
  • Tree problem: 
  • Prim's and Kruskal's algorithm 
  • DFS algorithm and Finding Articulation points in Bi-connected graph 
  • Euler Circuits Finding Strongly connected components 
  • Articulation points detection 
  • Greedy Algorithms: 
  • Huffman coding Closest pair of points in 2 or higher dimensional space 
  • Recurrence Equation: 
  • Telescopic method Homogeneous recurrence 
  • Equation Inhomogeneous recurrence equation 
  • A well used general formula (Master's theorem) 
  • Divide and Conquer Strategy: 
  • Merge Sort, Quick Sort 
  • Matrix multiplication 
  • Dynamic Programming:

Module2 (Diploma In Algorithms)

  • Introduction with Fibonacci
  • Series calculation 
  • Matrix chain multiplication 
  • Floyd-Warshal's algorithm 
  • Backtracking algorithm: 
  • Simple example of printing bit strings 0-1 
  • Knapsack problem 
  • Pruning search tree 
  • Bounding function 
  • String Search problem: 
  • Naive algorithm 
  • Rabin-Karp scheme 
  • FSA-based algorithm 
  • Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm 
  • Complexity theory: 
  • Decidability of problems: 
  • Halting problem NP-class of problems 
  • P-class problems NP=P question 
  • Polynomial problem reduction 
  • Cook's theorem, NP-hardness and 
  • NP-completeness NP-completeness 
  • FAQ including how to handle NP-hard problems 
  • Examples of NP-completeness proofs: 
  • SAT to 3-SAT 3-SAT to 3-D Matching 
  • Reasoning with Cardinal algebra 
  • Other models of computation: 
  • Art. Neural Net, Quantum Computing, 
  • DNA computing

About Abaseen Institute of Medical & Modern Sciences

AIMMS (Abaseen Institute of Medical & Modern Sciences) is the only ISO Certified, &  the biggest educational network of its kind in the country and spread throughout all provinces. It is to further clarify that AIMMS is affiliated institute with Trade Testing Board, Board of Technical Education KPK, Skill Development Council Punjab, Board of Technical Education,  and other national and international bodies of education like United Kingdom Association of Professionals(UKAP), American Learning Center Virginia of USA and  especially for international students, and is working as a registerd firm.  AIMMS does not issue its own certification, but it helps the prospective students issue various diplomas/certificates and awards with the collaboration of these affiliated bodies.

AIMMS, the only home of learning where your dream to get 1 & 2 year professional diploma of International standard, has become easier now. The ocean of learning & motivation, pioneer in Distance Learning, Assignment, Home Based Study and Experience Based education, and the only ISO certified and Govt recognized organization of its kind in the region, engaged in providing education under unique style at your door step and shape your skills into productive excellence. 

The launch of Abaseen Institute of Medical and Modern Science (AIMMS) is a hall-mark event in the educational history of Pakistan. In collaboration with well-reputed organizations of the country and abroad, and the liberal support of professionals, AIMMS is taking big strides on the way to unprecedented progress. It has brought in vogue education at your door steps through various strategies which includes Distance Learning Program (DLP), FAST Track Education System (FTES) and Experience based education program known as RPL. This will have tremendous impact on the socio-economic growth of the country.

AIMMS provides competency based, Skill-oriented  certification, Diplomas, Certified Professional Management (CPM) and  experienced professionals in the field of research, management, health, technical, vocational and computer related technologies to help the under privileged segments of the society. To bring prosperity through skill is the sole motto of AIMMS. For all technical and practical courses, previous experience is required, otherwise, we can arrange periodic workshop for the students if the required number of students get enrolled.

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