• This Program is designed to cultivate multifaceted leaders who can take on the challenges and responsibilities of leadership with agility and confidence.
  • As you step back from your day-to-day obligations, you will have the opportunity to hone the skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive.
  • You will enhance your expertise, leadership skills, and decision-making capabilities.

Main Topics

Financial Analysis:

  • Share current thinking on pro-forma analysis and the evaluation of different ownership structures.
  • Assess risk management and underwriting strategies, as well as alternative capital sources.

Leadership and Negotiation:

  • Utilize cutting-edge assessment tools to better understand and leverage the dynamics of people and situations.
  • Define the personal characteristics and competencies of effective leaders and how they apply to your own leadership style.
  • Negotiate and structure win-win deals that capture maximum value.

Marketing and Design:

  • Discuss methodologies for using detailed market analysis to identify project niches.
  • Learn how to implement effective design and construction management techniques.
  • Consider the trade-offs and requirements in designing a building that outperforms economic expectations.

Strategy Development and Competitive Analysis:

  • Formulate effective strategy through rigorous analysis of key industry and organizational factors.
  • Expand into new markets and geographic areas with strategic intent.
  • Attract and retain the best employees.

To become a leading institution in providing a package of value added services; all bundled together for the purpose of achieving organizational excellence and maximizing human assets outputs.

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