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This course is designed for developers with basic PL/SQL and SQL language skills. Developing, executing, and managing PL\SQL stored program units are dealt with in detail. Participants can enhance their skills by gaining in-depth knowledge of PL\SQL stored program units such as procedures, functions, packages, and database triggers. Participants also learn to utilize some of the Oracle-supplied packages.

Additionally the course also talks about the usage of Dynamic SQL along with enforcing the design considerations when coding using PL/SQL. Influencing the PL/SQL compiler and managing dependencies also provide the participants with better understanding of the language.

Additionally, participants use Oracle SQL Developer as the main tool and SQL*Plus is available as an optional tool. This is appropriate for a 10g and 11g audience. There are minor changes between 10g and 11g features in SQL. Learn to: Design PL/SQL packages Create overloaded package subprograms for more flexibility.

Utilize Oracle-Supplied Packages in Application Development Create triggers to solve business challenges.

Execute SQL statements dynamically.

Create stored procedures and functions.


  • Use the compiler warnings infrastructure.
  • Create triggers to solve business challenges
  • Manage dependencies between PL/SQL subprograms.
  • Use conditional compilation to customize the functionality in a PL/SQL application without removing any source code.
  • Create stored procedures and functions.
  • Design PL/SQL packages to group and contain related constructs.
  • Create overloaded package subprograms for more flexibility.
  • Use the Oracle supplied PL/SQL packages to generate screen output, file output, and mail output.
  • Write dynamic SQL for more coding flexibility.
  • Use PL/SQL packages to group and contain related constructs.
  • Design PL/SQL code for pre-defined data types, local subprograms, additional programs and standardized constants

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