Detection of Forgery and Falsification of Documents Egyptian Banking Institute

During this course, participants will acquire the skills necessary for the detection of forged currency and falsified documents, as well as learn the responsibilities of bank employees in dealing with cases of forgery and falsified documents. Participants will also acquire the skills required to differentiate between genuine and false official signatures and stamps.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the basics of forgery and falsification of documents
  • Differentiate between genuine and false signatures
  • Define security features in modern documents
  • Demonstrate the skills required to detect forgeries and falsified currency

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Forgery and Falsifications

  • The main concepts of forgery and falsification of documents.
  • Responsibility for detection of forgeries and falsified documents.

Module 2: Signatures and Stamps

  • Types of signatures.
  • Main rules of handwriting.
  • Differentiate between correct and false signatures.
  • Differentiate between stamps.

Module 3: Security features

  • The concept of security features in documents.
  • The role of security features.
  • Modern security features in documents.
  • The modern techniques of forgery.

Module 4: Detection of Falsified Banknotes

  • Types of currency.
  • Tools that documents’ examiners should have to perform their task well.
  • The steps of detecting falsified bank notes.

Assessment Strategy:

Participants will be informally assessed on their interaction during sessions and their participation in group exercises.

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