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Difficult and challenging situations are inevitable in everyone's lives. However, the ways in which to solve these difficulties and the paths to take are complex decisions and making them may not be easy for everyone. The process of making a decision includes a variety of tasks such as conceptual and creative ways of thinking, strategizing, systematically solving an issue and coming up with innovative solutions to problems will all lead to an effective and successful decision. Decision making in the workplace is an essential aspect of everyone's jobs. The decisions may be small or they may have a wide ranging impact, nevertheless, each decision requires an identification of the problem and then engaging in creative and innovative ways as part of the decision making process in order to reach a solution.

This course will provide participants with an ability to tap creatively into their minds in order to engage in and develop ideas through which they can enhance their own decision making styles and approaches. Participants will be able to explore and become familiar with the various techniques and ways of effective decision making and develop a sound and firm basis for the future. Based on the five R's approach, this two day course will enable participants to Reach, Reflect, Resolve, Review and Repeat in their decision making. By using slides, handouts, and practical exercises coupled with visual approaches, the course will enlighten participants in understanding not only the decision making process but also the psychological underpinnings of such a complex task.


The course aims to achieve the following:

  • Familiarize participants with the main components of decision making and problem solving
  • Familiarize participants with the knowledge necessary to make better decisions
  • Equip participants with the ability to analyze and asses their unique styles of decision making
  • Enable participants to effectively use the 5 R's technique
  • Enable participants to identify and eliminate obstacles to creatively engaging in the decision making process
  • Enable participants to present their ideas in a coherent and clear manner
  • Equip participants with the skills needed to adapt to different thinking styles and foster a good team environment in the work place
  • Recognize why teams fail and how best to avoid such failures

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand different factors which may influence problem solving and decision making
  • Understand the theoretical underpinnings and advantages of making effective decisions
  • Become familiar with the ways in which decisions can be made and be able to implement these ways in their professions
  • Be able to develop a balanced approach towards creative thinking, problem solving and effective decision making
  • Create an action plan
  • Learn to tackle difficult situations through understanding alternative solutions
  • Learn the significance of observation and listening to others during decision making
  • Understand and recognize the different ways and styles of decision making

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