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Course Overview:

  • Explain SQL Server features and architecture
  • Store and retrieve data from SQL Server
  • Apply data integrity features to stored data
  • Use indexes and views 
  • Use the programming language features of Transact-SQL
  • Create XML documents to display SQL Server data

Course Contents:

  • List the features of SQL Server
  • Identify the operating systems that support SQL Server 2008
  • Describe SQL Server database architecture 
  • List database objects
  • Discuss SQL Server security
  • Use the SELECT statement with different clauses
  • Use System Global Variables 
  • Use Unions and Subqueries to retrieve data from multiple tables 
  • Use Nested and Correlated Subqueries
  • Use Aggregate Functions to display summary data 
  • Use the GROUP BY clause to generate grouped information
  • Apply the HAVING clause to set a condition on grouped data
  • Apply system-defined data types 
  • Understand user-defined data types 
  • Use various SQL functions to query data
  • Identify and use various types of joins 
  • Define Data Integrity
  • Describe each type of Data Integrity
  • Define the DEFAULT and CHECK constraints
  • Define the PRIMARY KEY, UNIQUE and FOREIGN KEY constraints
  • Describe Rules 
  • Define Indexes 
  • Define Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes, with Unique or Composite characteristics 
  • Define and create Views
  • List the advantages of Views
  • List the guidelines for creating Views
  • Describe Indexed Views
  • Describe Distributed Partitioned Views
  • Identify the restrictions for modifying data through Views
  • Modify and delete Views Declare and use local variables 
  • Distinguish between various control flow structures
  • Define stored procedures
  • Discuss types of stored procedures
  • Explain the process of creating, modifying and executing stored procedures
  • Use parameters in stored procedures
  • Choose appropriate Recompile Options
  • Handle error messages 
  • Define triggers
  • List the uses of triggers
  • List the guidelines for creating triggers
  • Explain the CREATE TRIGGER T-SQL statement
  • List the types of triggers
  • Explain INSERT triggers
  • Explain UPDATE triggers
  • Explain DELETE triggers Define Transactions
  • Describe Explicit, Implicit and Autocommit transactions
  • Explain transaction isolation levels
  • Understand the use of @@trancount
  • Define the types of SQL Server Locks
  • Identify resource items that can be locked
  • Discuss locking issues
  • Define cursors
  • Use the following to work with the Internet Information Server, and merge data from SQL Server to a Web page: 
  • ADO in ASP pages
  • Remote Data Service
  • XML
  • Retrieve XML data:
  • Using SELECT
  • Through HTTP using Queries, Stored procedures and Templates

Benefits of the Course: 

Ministry Approved Certificate

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