Data Management, Manipulation And Analysis Using Excel Projacs
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1. Enable participants to create financial reports to conduct financial analysis, and the use of modern tools such as mathematical and statistical methods.

2. Provide participants with modern tools to predict future financial performance and report on the success or failures of organizations.

3. To provide participants with the skills to perform financial analysis Applied to a number of companies, including participants can make a realistic assessment of financial performance, according to the practice of the process for a number of companies representing different sectors of the economy.

4. Activate the performance of the participants in the preparation and presentation reports the results of the financial analysis According to the methodology relies on mathematical and statistical tools to date.

Who should attend:

  1. Financial Managers
  2. Accountants
  3. Financial analysts in the public sector organizations and private
  4. Internal and external auditors for the various sectors

Daily Outlines:

Unit one: Introduction to Excel program and financial uses:

1. The characteristics and features of Excel program

2. Basic functions and specialized functions in Exce

3. Analysis of financial data analysis using the properties of SORT-FILTER-SUPTOTALS-SCENARIOS

4. Models to query the financial statements using SUMIF-V-H –LOOKUP

5. Estimate the financial statements using the Forecast - Trend

6. Prepare graphs using CHARTS

Unit tow: Designing Financial Reports using Excel

1. The financial statements i according to the latest amendments in the accounting standards.

2. Designing Balance Sheet using computer

3. Design of comprehensive income using computer

4. Design statement of cash flows using Computer

  • Unit three: assessing the financial position of an entity using Excel

1.The concept of financial analysis

2. Professional requirements profession of financial analysis

3. Principles of Financial Analysis

4. Financial analysis methods of traditional and modern

5. Remodeling financial reporting for a financial analytical

  • Unit four: financial analysis ratios and financial indicators using Excel

1. Analysis Horizontal and vertical analysis of financial statements

2. Benchmarking reference

3. Financial analysis using indicators for assessing performance

• the rate of return on investment ROI

• cash rate on investment COI

• internal rate of return IRR

  • Unit five: modern and advanced methods in analysis using Excel

1. Using regression in predicting the financial failure

• Form Altman Z-Score

• model Comport Z-Score

• model Kida

• model Sherrod

2. Using correlation to find financial fraud in the financial statements

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About Projacs

Projacs International is the largest Pan-Arab project management firm boasting 21 offices in 21 major cities in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

Established in 1984, They have over 600 professional staff offering customized services to a variety of clients in the public and private sectors. Projacs helps its clients achieve great visions by successfully delivering hundreds of projects across 24 countries.

Projacs offers specialized services and leadership in a persity of projects from government buildings to utility plants. Other project types include residential and commercial developments, educational facilities, hotels and resorts, sports centers, airports, oil and gas plants, car assembly plants, infrastructure and highways, healthcare facilities, retail developments, and palaces and private homes.

They work directly with owners, developers, hotel operators, tenants, educational institutions, hospital operators, financial institutions, funding organizations, project managers, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders.

Projacs - combining the latest services with a proven track record for success.

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