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CRM is a strategic methodology that recognizes customers as the core of the banking business. All financial services businesses are finding that if they enhance the customer experience, a relationship can form between the customer and the organization. Sustaining this relationship over time leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty, which enhances an organization's competitive position and increases its profitability. Through case studies, practitioner guest speaking, class discussion, projects and presentations, you will gain a firm understanding of the key decision variables required to successfully adopt and use this methodology challenging environments where financial institutions are scrambling to achieve service differentiation and thereby competitive advantage.


Whether you are a CRM novice or want a fresh approach to your previous CRM training, in this course you will gain:

  • In-depth understanding of the customer and his perception of a value proposition from the product ware available through banks
  • An understanding of the power of customer relationships that support bank’s performance excellence
  • Whether you are a CRM novice or want a fresh approach to your previous CRM training, in this course you will gain:
  • In-depth understanding of the benefits of CRM and the competitive advantage this methodology provides
  • Insight on the challenges and constraints organizations face in attempting to incorporate CRM
  • Appreciation for how technology can be leveraged to enhance a CRM initiative
  • Exposure to best practices in multiple vertical markets
  • Knowledge of the key decision variables related to CRM
  • An understanding of simple CRM techniques
  • Hands on practice including case study analysis and an inpidual project
  • Insight on the challenges and constraints banks face in attempting to incorporate CRM to manage uneasy relationships
  • Exposure to best practices in multiple vertical markets

Target Audience

Customer service personnel, relationship managers, operational level personnel and leads, will all find this course useful to reorient themselves to the strategy that places customer value proposition as the basis of building long term business relationships.

Course Structure

This practical course relies on a variety of training approaches to transfer skills back to the workplace. You'll have the opportunity to experience different ways to develop and position your bank in this niche banking segment, uncover your client's true needs, cross-sell additional bank services, and build a mutually beneficial relationship. You'll also learn solutions that are both tangible and relevant in today's banking environment. This course offers you the unparalleled opportunity to practice hands-on segment management skills using real-life problems.

Program contents

This is an introductory module on CRM that focuses on the following:

Module 1

  • Understanding the bank customer
  • Customer Value, Customer Behavior and Customer satisfaction
  • Refocusing strategy, retooling mechanics
  • Re aligning organization to the bank customer

Module 2

  • The Customer value Proposition
  • The Purchase Decision
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Types of CRM
  • Operational CRM
  • Analytical CRM
  • Sales Intelligence CRM
  • Campaign management CRM
  • Collaborative CRM
  • Consumer Relationship CRM

Module 3

  • CRM and Banking a Powerful Mix
  • CRM and the value of a data warehouse
  • Managing customer expectations and relationships,
  • Complaints and other uneasy relationships: how best to manage them?
  • Setting the Gold Standard

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