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This course is designed to help participants understand the nature of complaints and how to face, record and find permanent solutions to these complaints. As managers leading teams, you must handle the different behaviors of customers, find the appropriate tools to measure these behaviors, and then deal with them professionally. The target is not only to manage customer complaints, but to turn these encounters into an enjoyable way of getting closer to our customer while reflecting the most magnificent image we can give toward our organization for future growth, revenue and success.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define complaints and understand the nature of complaints
  • Recognize the key benefits of complaint management
  • Identify different types of customers
  • Understand what customer rights are
  • Diffuse angry customers and generate customer sympathy
  • Understand the reasons why customers complain and identify customer behavior
  • Identify and prioritize complaints to provide an effective response and appropriate redress to the complaints.
  • Define the complaint handling process
  • Utilize practical skills and techniques to identify, evaluate, and manage complaints
  • Identify the training and coaching needed in an organization to improve complaint handling
  • Implement a complaint management system to handle complaints effectively

Course Outline:


  • Agenda
  • WIFM (What’s In It For Me)?
  • Discuss the Pre-Assignment
  • Sharing experiences

If You Do Not Look After Your Customers, Somebody Else Will

  • Customers deal with organizations they like, trust, and respect
  • Quality Service
  1. Right things
  2. Right person
  3. Right place
  4. Right way
  5. Right attitude
  6. Right time
  • Never say “no” to a customer
  • Service providers

Who are the Customers?

  • A customer is the most important person, no matter how she/he arrives; in person, on the telephone, or in the mail
  • A customer is not an interruption of our work. She/he is the purpose of it.
  • Things customers want
  • Serving customers at a higher level
  • Need for an integrated customer satisfaction system
  • Customer satisfaction system plan

Different Types of Customers

  • The Complete Complainer
  • The Irate, Angry Caller
  • The Talkative
  • The Hard to Understand
  • The Uncooperative

Real Life Situational Experiences

  • When did you experience superior customer service?
  • What did they do that made you feel so good?

Why do people complain?

  • What is a complaint?
  • Types of complaints
  • Behavior of dissatisfied customers
  1. Origin of customer dissatisfaction
  2. Customer satisfaction and complaint behavior
  3. Complaint satisfaction and its influence on customer behavior

Handling Complaints

  • What you need to remember before starting to handle complaints
  • Handling complaints effectively
  • Handling angry customers

Principles of Complaint Management

  • Goals of complaint management
  • Fundamental tasks of complaint management
  • Receiving complaints
  • Evaluating the complaints
  • Categorizing the complaints
  • Acting on the complaints
  • Analyzing and resolving complaints
  • Controlling and monitoring a complaints system
  • Key performance indicators
  • Report outcome

Setting Up A Complaint Management System

  • Develop service standards
  • Stimulate complaints
  • Complaints stimulation measures
  • Establish complaints channel
  • Develop a format for describing complaints
  • Complaint follow-up
  • Document Complaint Resolution

Positive Habits

  • Stressing positive thinking in complaint management

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