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This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to identify contemporary economic trends and problems, appraise their significance, and understand debates about current economic problems and policies which are discussed from both theoretical and empirical perspectives.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand current economic trends
  • Examine long-term trends in financial markets, including institutional innovations, regulatory and supervisory evolution, changes in monetary policy, and the rise of “managed money”
  • Analyze the current global financial crisis, its consequences, and the new trends that it has created

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Trends & Issue
  • Long-Run Production Potential
  1. Determinants of long-run economic growth
  2. Production functions and potential GDP
  3. Trends and patterns of long-term economic growth on the world level
  4. Trends and patterns of long-term economic growth on the national level
  5. Future scenarios of productivity growth
  • Consumption, Saving and the Internal Balance
  1. Determinants of collective consumption and national saving
  2. The functions of consumption, saving and internal balance
  3. Trends and patterns of world consumption and saving
  4. Trends and patterns of national consumption and saving
  5. Future scenarios of U.S. consumption and saving
  • Exports, Imports and the External Balance
  1. Determinants of export prospects and import demands
  2. Export relationships, import functions, and the external balance
  3. Trends and patterns in world trade
  4. Trends and patterns in national trade
  5. Future scenarios of U.S. international trade and payments
  • The Current Economic Situation and the Short-term Outlook
  1. The world economic situation and its immediate prospects
  2. The national economic situation and its immediate prospects
  • Income Distribution and Poverty
  1. Theories of income inequality and desired income distribution
  2. Definitions and indicators of income distribution and poverty
  3. Trends in world income distribution and poverty
  4. Trends in national income distribution and poverty
  5. The goals, problems and reforms of welfare
  • Social, Cultural, and Economic Factors that Shape and Impact the Global Business Environment
  • The Current U.S. Recession and Financial Crisis:
  1. Problems spread beyond subprime lending, even to prime mortgages
  2. Problems spread to all securitized products
  3. Problems spread to all types of financial institutions

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