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The occurrence of crisis situations seems to be multiplying, while simultaneously becoming more and more preposterous and unpredictable. This renders training on how to face unexpected situations a matter of continual necessity. Being able to anticipate crisis evolution and prepare solid action plans while continuing to move forward is essential to maintaining, both collectively and individually, the ability to respond to exceptional and unusually situations.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand appropriate information, reactions, and behavior specific to crisis management that will allow them to remain operational any time a crisis occurs
  • Manage a crisis effectively using action orientated abilities and strategic analytical skills
  • Be a key point of reference in managing critical situations, while promoting feelings of support and confidence

Course Outline:

Crisis Management

Crisis prevention

Assessing risk and repercussions:

  • Potential risk
  • Cause
  • Affected areas
  • Probability
  • Severity and degree of damage

Reflex Phase: initial questioning phase and mobilization procedures

Identification of crisis factors

Creating efficient work conditions within cell structures:

  • Crisis sector (ergonomics and equipment)
  • Filtering calls
  • Stress management
  • Interfacing with the national/international parties involved

Operating within the crisis cell:

  • Characteristics
  • Specific operations surrounding the driving force
  • Contamination linked to the operation of crisis cells

Techniques to aid in anticipating and making decisions

Safety measures when facing crisis:

  • Avoidance strategy
  • Mitigation strategy
  • Acceptance strategy

Driver’s tool-kit:

  • Captain’s journal
  • Mapping & routings
  • Follow-up on confidence

Communication in Crisis

  • High-priority acts of communication
  • To express or not to express oneself?
  • Preparing key messages for emergency situations
  • Selecting a spokesperson
  • Positioning oneself
  • Mastery of announcement and interview techniques
  • Stress management and non-verbal issues

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