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General objective:

  • Knowledge moral evidence, physical evidence and characteristics of physical evidence.
  • Identify the crimescene, scope and methods of registration.
  • Physical effects in the crime scene.
  • Biological effects, the effects of machines and the effect of fires and crackers
  • Fingerprint, types and methods of lifting.
  • Criminal labs and writing technical reports.

A brief overview of the Course:

Definition of crime scene:

  • Scope, methods of registration and ways of its preview.
  • General rules for deal with the effects in the crime scene.

Physical effects in the crime scene:

  • Firearms:
  • Definition of firearm shots and the definition of shots and the components.
  • Major parts of firearms.
  • Remnants of launch in firearms (gunpowder - projectiles - empty envelopes).
  • ways of raising the remnants of launch:
  • Microscopic examination to empty envelopesand projectiles.
  • Identify self-arms used and ways to identify the type of arm through the remnants of launch.Identify the gunshot on different things (glass - wood - sheet - Human Body).
  • Biological effects:
  • Types of Biological effectsin the crime scene.
  • Ways of dealing with the biological effects and methods of lifting.
  • Identify the form of blood stains in the crime scene.
  • The use of DNA technology in analysis of biological effects and criminal importance.
  • The effects of machines:
  • The concept of the machine (Embryos – screwdriver ….. etc.).
  • Lingering effects of the use of machines in the crimescene.
  • Microscopic examination of machine.
  • Elemental analysis of substance of the machine.
  • Effects of …. - The effects of the cut.
  • The effects of the electric saw.
  • Breaking the glass and determine the direction of the fracture.
  • Keys artificial - Check Alkualin.
  • The effects of fire:
  • Triangle of fire (oxygen -Flammable material - Thermal source).
  • Determining the starting point to determine the cause of the fire.
  • Preview the fire accident.
  • Electricityfires.
  • Gas fires.
  • Car fires.
  • Arson.
  • Crackers - Check Terrorist Crime Scene:
  • Types of Crackers.
  • Explosive devices.
  • Booby traps.
  • Terrorist crime scene.
  • Collection of effects - determine the form of package. and quantity.
  • The style of the bombing of the packaging.
  • Chemical analysis - Elemental Analysis.
  • Biological analysis of the remains using DNA technology.
  • Fingerprint:
  • Definition of fingerprint - types.
  • Roundabouts – slopes – Arcuateand conditions of every kind.
  • Ways ofliftingFingerprint. (Powders - Chemical methods - Use Rays).
  • Fingerprint photography.
  • Ways of matching fingerprints.
  • Criminal labs:
  • Dividethe criminal laboratory and its processing.
  • General rules and basic facilities ofcriminal laboratories.
  • Reception area in criminal laboratories.
  • Most Important devices necessary for criminal laboratories.
  • Write technical reports.

Training methods:

  • Present Documentary films about Criminal Evidence.
  • Practical training in the field of Criminal Evidence.
  • Practical applications of Criminal Evidence.
  • Present recorded films about Criminal Evidence.

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