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  • Duration: 2 Days

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Theories abound about innovation and the brain, but one thing is clear - every man-made object on the planet started with a thought; an idea leading to greater expansion. One barrier to this process of creativity and innovation is not ‘realising' the potential power of our brains. \Ale have this wonderful natural 'computer' with its 100 billion cells, and yet, on average we only use 1 or 2 percent of its capacity. Why is that? One reason is that we are never really taught how to get the best out of our brain. We all of us have the capacity for genius, but it does reguire us to learn how to use our brains -to make a stronger connection with our subconscious and ask some searching guestions.

The course will provide invaluable business and life skills of direct relevance to personal and business achievement.. It will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to make the innovative leaps that can enrich your life and those around you.

Expected Accomplishments

  • Learn how from an early age we are 'conditioned' to be less creative, and how we can correct this
  • Learn the theory of creative thought (De Bono) and how to engage our creativity more readily.
  • Learn of the 8 (Some say 9!) intelligences model, and why it is the key to genius.
  • Discover the path to the subconscious, and why it is here that our creative ability is determined.
  • Understand Creativity models such as Guilford and Wallas
  • Learn the importance of creating a 'refuge' or ‘Think Tank' for generating creative ideas in business.
  • Learn some of the ‘risks' associated with creativity, and how we might mitigate them.
  • Learn why the technique of BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) 'fosters' innovation
  • How to use the F-1 model to creatively solve a problem
  • Learn why there is a natural tendency for businesses to unwittingly undermine the creative process
  • Understand the creative role in work teams, and how to recognise and nurture creative talent.
  • Learn the meaning and value of 'synergy' in generating creative solutions

Course Outline

  • The Brain- An owner's Manual.
  • Creativity. What is it?
  • Our amazing brain
  • External Influences on Creativity
  • The 8 Intelliqences Model
  • Individual Assessment
  • Right, Left, and Whole Brain Theory
  • Creativity Tools and Techniques 
  • Lateral thought (De Bono) 
  • Unconscious Competence 
  • CreativeState
  • Creativity Models
  • The path to the creative mind (Ericson)
  • Creativity in Action 
  • AAA and Team Challenge 2 
  • Think tanks 
  • Creative teams
  • BPR and Innovation
  • Creativity in Etisalat 
  • Team Presentations
  • Alpha State Review (Ericsonian Induction)

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