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Everyone thinks someone’s going to go off and stick a finger in a light bulb and have an idea. Innovation isn’t like that. Innovation has got to be in the blood of every employee and every company. Finding a better way every day has to be a culture that CEOs drive, business leaders drive… That’s what innovation is. It’s a bubbling up of thousands and thousands of people.”

Who should attend?

  • Managing Directors, General Managers and Senior Executives in Sales & Marketing, HR & Personnel, Training & Development & Advertising and promotion.
  • Everyone feeling an urge to make a DIFFERENCE


Attendees of the “Creating Value through Innovations” workshop will be able to:

  • Share a common understanding of What Innovation is all about.
  • Understand What it takes to innovate
  • Apply tools & skills to extract value within their businesses
  • Instil a discipline for innovation within their area, over time building an innovation culture

About 8 Gates

We_They was founded in 2005 by a group of business professionals who are highly specialized in their functions and have executive management experience with multinational companies.
We_They has a diverse portfolio of products and services including Education, Professional Training, IT Services, Marketing and Event Management.
Our staff has an extensive knowledge of programs, as well as other educational and vocational pathways, so they can help you see 'the big improved picture' of your company.
We_They is backed up by the vast training expertise, resources and facilities and provides business driven training solutions that are both innovative and when it comes to training We_They is your one point of contact.
We_They services are broad delivering a full range of learning solutions that include but go beyond formal training a flexible approach in relation to how learning and workplace development happens and a focus on how customer outcomes can be achieved through innovative practice.
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