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    Course Updated on 25th March 2015 with 7 Videos (including 4 Case Studies)

    Marginal Costing is a technique of Decision Making adopted by Management of the Business Units.

    Marginal Costing is practically applied in the following situations:

    a) Performance Evaluation

    b) Profit Planning

    c) Fixation of Selling Price

    d) Make or Purchase Decision

    e) Optimizing Product Mix

    f) Cost Control

    g) Flexible Budget Preparation

    Marginal Costing involves, ascertainment of costs, classifying the costs into Fixed and Variable Cost and using such information for analysis and decision making.

    In this course, you will learn about

    Marginal Costing,

    Direct Costing,

    Differential Costing

    Variable Costs

    Fixed Costs

    Semi Variable Costs

    Marginal Cost Sheet

    Absorption Costing

    Marginal vs Absorption Costing


    Relationship between Contribution, Profit and Loss

    Profit Volume Ratio

    Break Even Point

    Margin of Safety

    Indifference Point

    Shut down point.

    All the above topics will be explained through Video Lectures.

    You will learn the theory and practical problems of Marginal Costing in this course.

    You should have some basic knowledge of costing and accounting for taking up this course.

    This course is academic oriented.

    This course is structured with an objective to enable you to equip for your examinations.

    This course is structured in self paced learning style.

    Take this course to understand the theory and practice of Marginal Costing.

    Updated on 27 December, 2017
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