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The course covers clinical tips & tricks along with the latest development in each module. Moreover, it’s the only course that covers parameters of aesthetics & smile analysis and the recent trends in soft tissue management incorporated in aesthetics and this course devoid of any product promotion
Also the course prepare you to enter the American Academy of Cosmetic dentistry Accreditation Exams

Topics Covered: 

  • Introduction to cosmetic dentistry
  • Case diagnosis: The Key to Practice Success
  • Esthetic Analysis and Smile Design
  • The Psychology of Practice Success
  • Anterior Esthetics

Porcelain veneers

  • Case study and waxing up
  • Different preparatory techniques
  • Latest materials and material selection
  • Provisionals made easy, fast, achievable, and healthy!
  • Colour control and modification, tints to ceramic stains

Composite veneers

  • Direct and indirect composite laminate veneers
  • Latest materials and techniques
  • Adhesion principles
  • Finishing, polishing techniques and materials
  • Handling composite failures

Esthetic Recontouring

Posterior Restoration

Posterior Composite Restorations and Systems

  • Minimal invasive techniques for cavity preparation
  • Adhesion principles
  • Material selection
  • Matrix systems and contact aids
  • Handling post-operative sensitivity
  • Management of composite failures

Posterior Esthetic onlays and inlays

  • Different preparatory techniques
  • Material selection
  • Occlusion Adjustments
  • Cementation


  • Science of teeth bleaching
  • Diagnosis and case selection
  • Material and techniques
  • OTC bleaching products
  • Management of sensitive teeth prior bleaching
  • Management of sensitivity post-bleaching


  • Case Diagnosis
  • Identify different causes for failure of root canal treatment and how to manage root canal failure
  • Identify extra canals and how to locate them
  • Be able to decide whether the tooth is restorable or not
  • Be able to decide the need for endodontic retreatment or other treatment options
  • Be aware of different rotary systems
  • Obturation techniques and systems

Fixed prosthodontics

  • Case diagnosis and selection of FPD design
  • Occlusion considerations, assessment of vertical dimension
  • Long span bridges
  • Material selection for accurate impression taking and FPD cementation

Restoration of endodontically treated teeth

  • Different post systems

Core material selection

  • Core concepts in preserving or enhancing gingival architecture and esthetics
  • Soft tissue management throughout all phases of treatment
  • Basics of managing the bite and registration techniques
  • Basics of managing the bite registration techniques
  • The ''10 minute provisional technique ''full arch or single units that are fast, predictable and beautiful
  • -cementation: total-etch vs. self-etch. light cure only vs. dual cur cements. Indication and protocol for use
  • Basic principles of adhesion; when to use what, and techniques for predictable, sensitivity-free restorations

Cosmetic full mouth rehabilitation

  • Case Diagnosis
  • Case planning
  • Treatment presentation
  • Laboratory communication


  • Direct and indirect composite restoration using different techniques including natural layering technique in anterior teeth using different composite systems
  • Posterior composite hands-on workshop
  • Different inlay and onlay designs
  • Rotary system workshop (cleaning, shaping and Obturation)
  • Different laminate veneer preparations, provisional and final restorations
  • Bleaching demonstration on patient


Learning objectives:

  •  Upon completion of this course the dentist should be able to:
  • Aesthetics analysis and smile design
  • Understand esthetic  recontouring
  • Learn how to improve esthetic using veneers
  • Know the different types of veneers and its preparation techniques
  • Performed minimal invasive techniques for cavity preparation
  • Skilfully use composite in restoring teeth
  • Manage composite restoration failure
  • Prepare tooth for ethetic  onlay and inlay restoration
  • Learn how to identify and locate extra canals during endodontic treatment
  • Know the different rotary system and obturation technique
  • Select the suitable core material and post system to restore endodontically treated tooth
  • Proper case diagnosis for fixed partial denture
  • Accurate impression taking for prepared teeth
  • Make fast and accurate provisional
  • Understand the science of teeth bleaching
  • How to diagnose and select case for bleaching
  • Know different bleaching materials and technique
  • Mange teeth sensitivity before and after bleaching
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning for full mouth rehabilitation
  • Understand American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Accreditation
Updated on 08 November, 2017

About Arab Society for Continuing Dental Education

Arab Society for Continuous Dental Education (ASCDE) is a fast growing hub for providing dental excellence in Egypt. Initially established as Mastering Dentistry in 2008 in Cairo; till becoming ASCDE in January 2011.
In Egypt, there were numerous challenges for dentists to continue their education. Not only that continuing education centres were monopolized by a few numbered organizations, their choice of subjects was far behind the current needs or updates required. Other alternatives included dental companies marketing for their products by providing courses. With no law regulating dental license renewal, the choice to continue dental education was purely based on personal preference.
theirmission in ASCDE to be a recognized beacon of knowledge and a central crossroads where dentists globally and locally convene to upgrade their skills and competence- has put us on fast-track to international globalization. ASCDE is a frontrunner in providing continuous dental education in Egypt and the middle east, ranking highest among local competitors. theyare pleased to provide a wide variety of professional courses, and outstanding programs, presentations and meetings in different dental branches to assist dentists in updating their knowledge and skills with the latest developments.
In only 5 years, more than 1300 candidates attended theircourses from 14 different countries; and around 45 different lecturers were hosted from numerous countries including the UK, USA, France, Spain, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.
Currently, the ASCDE has organized 50 Comprehensive dental courses that covered all dental branches including orthodontics, implantology, cosmetics, periodontology, dental pedodontics, restorative dentistry, surgery and lastly MJDF preparatory courses.
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