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Transportation and Travel:

  • Lesson 1: Commuting
    • Identify different forms of commuting ; discuss advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Lesson 2: Learning  to Drive
    • Discuss procedures and problem of learning  to drive and taking driving tests
  • Lesson 3: Driving Problems
    • Identify and discuss common problems of driving, what to do about them , and how to avoid them discuss an automobile insurance policy
  • Lesson 4: Buying a Car

Buying a Car

  • Lesson 5: On Vacation
    • Compare preferences for Vacation travel; state own travel wishes or plans
  • Lesson 6: Traveling by Car
    • Identify and discuss procedures and highlights of long-distance car travel; compare and contrast car travel across cultures
  • Lesson 7: Bus and Train Travel
    • Discuss advantages and disadvantages of bus and train transportation ; ask and answer questions about personal experiences with buses and trains

Finding a Job :

  • Lesson 1: Jobs in Your Community
    • Identify and discuss occupations ; inquire about jobs types of businesses  and industries in the community ; identify and discuss employment
  • Lesson 2: Your Occupation
    • Ask and answer questions about classmates’ jobs; explain  present job duties
  • Lesson 3: The Right  Job for You
    • Ask and answer questions about job preferences
  • Lesson 4: Looking  For a Job
    • Discuss job interview scenarios ; prepare questions that an interviewer and applicant would ask ; respond to employment interview questions , including short-and long-term employment goals, qualifications, and previous  job duties
  • Lesson 5: Wages and Benefits
    • Identify and discuss wages and benefits ; express preferences regarding wages and benefits, discuss reasons to ask for a raise

Life at Work:

  • Lesson 1: Starting a new job
    • Identify and discuss common problems in a new job and possible solutions; tell about a job experience
  • Lesson 2: Instructions at work
    • Give and follow multi-step instructions to complete a task ; identify and discuss common problem giving and following  instructions
  • Lesson 3: Doing a Good Job
    • Identify and discuss common problems at work and acceptable and give advice to workers
  • Lesson 4: Injuries at work
    • Discuss common work-related injuries , hazards at work and at home , workmen’s compensation, and procedures for preventing and dealing with injuries on the job

  • Lesson 5: Deductions from pay
    • Identify and discuss paycheck deductions; understand basic  payroll deductions
  • Lesson 7: Spending Money
    • Discuss advantages and disadvantages of different spending patterns; clarify and / or reconfirm own personal spending patterns
  • Lesson 8: Paying Taxes
    • Discuss concepts and procedures for paying income tax , understand basic terminology of income tax ; compare and contrast taxes in different countries
  • Lesson 9: Leaving a Job
    • Identify and discuss  common reasons for leaving a job ; clarify and consider options

In The News:

  • Lesson 1: Class News
    • Ask and tell about personal life events
  • Lesson 2: News Media
    • Identify and discuss varieties of news media; discuss  people and stories in the news
  • Lesson 3: Weather and Natural Disasters
    • Identify different kind of severe weather and natural disasters ; ask and answer questions about personal experiences involving a natural disaster
  • Lesson 4: Sports News
    • Identify and discuss issues related to sports in the news; discuss popularity of sports and athletes  in different countries
  • Lesson 5: Entertainment News
    • Identify and discuss various kind of entertainment available locally ;make arrangement with class to attend an event together 
  • Lesson 6: Crime in the News
    • Identify and discuss crimes and criminal justice; share cross-cultural opinions about criminal justice
  • Lesson 7: Heroes in the News
    • Identify and discuss  heroes across  time and cultures; explain personal ideals of heroism 
  • Lesson 8: Local News
    • Identify and discuss local events in the news; become familiar with local issue
  • Lesson 9: World News
    • Identify and discuss events  in the news around the world ; become familiar with international issues
  • Lesson 10: Politics and Government in the News
    • Identify and discuss characteristics of politics and government

Conversation Level-2 (Intermediate).

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Pioneers Academy is the largest training and educational institution in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, offering a comprehensive range of training and developmental solutions to both individuals and corporate professionals locally and regionally. It was established in 1993 and operating a fully prepared training facility of more than 17760 square - feet with state of the art academic equipment.

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