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Community and consumer life:

  • Lesson 1: Around Town
    • Asked for and give directions to places in the community; identify places on a map; share experiences in a new place.
  • Lesson 2: Community Services
    • Identify and discuss local community services and volunteer opportunities across culture
  • Lesson 3: Utility Services
    • Identify and discuss local utility needs and services; explain problems and request help for repairs.
  • Lesson 4: Mailing Services
    • Identify and discuss available mailing options ; compare and contrast different methods of communication ; discuss mailing services across cultures
  • Lesson 5: Telephone Services
    • Identify and discuss available shopping options; compare telephone experiences.
  • Lesson 6: Shopping in Today’s World
    • Identify and discuss available shopping options ; share shopping experiences and preferences
  • Lesson 7: Shopping for Clothes
    • Compare and contrast clothing style preferences and store selections.
  • Lesson 8: Returns and Exchanges
    • Identify and discuss reasons and procedures for returning and / or exchanging purchases or gifts.
  • Lesson 9: School and community
    • Identify and discuss parental involvement in schools, school discipline , rules and regulations , dress code__s and extra-curricular activities across cultures
  • Lesson 10: Lifelong Learning
    • identify and discuss possibilities for adult higher education and training compare and contrast educational goals across cultures
  • Lesson 11: Recreation
    • Identify and discuss varieties of local recreation opportunities and personal recreation preferences.

Styling Healthay :

  • Lesson 1: Taking Care of yourself
    • compare and contrast good and bad health practices ; reevaluate personal health-care habits
  • Lesson 2: Staying Healthy Outdoors
    • identify and discuss outdoor health hazards , precautions, and remedies ; ask and tell about outdoor emergency experiences across cultures
  • Lesson 3: Home Remedies
    • Compare and contrast home remedies across cultures ; ask and tell about personal home remedies
  • Lesson 4: Medical Care
    • identify and discuss health  problem s and health care across cultures ; tell about an experience with a health problem
  • Lesson 5: Emergency Care
    • discuss procedures and experience with health care for emergencies ; express opinions about treating patients
  • Lesson 6: Pharmacy
    • identify and discuss procedures and questions for filling and refilling prescriptions and buying nutritional supplements and over-the – counter drugs at a pharmacy ; compare and contrast pharmacies and prescription drugs across cultures ; compare and contrast various items sold at a pharmacy
  • Lesson 7: Poisons
    • Identify and discuss common household poisons and procedures for dealing with a poison emergency
  • Lesson 8: Counseling
    • identify and discuss problems which counseling can help solve ; discuss social problem and resources available to help solve these problems across cultures.


  • Lesson 1: Places to live
    • Compare and discuss contrast advantages and disadvantages of living in different locations , Kind of housing , and renting or buying a house
  • Lesson 2: Inside your Home
    • Discuss special individual housing needs ; explain decorating preferences
  • Lesson 3: Finding the Right Home
    • Read and discuss ads for housing discuss what to look for when  renting an apartment or buying a house 
  • Lesosn 4: Utility Problems

Discuss mistakes people make with utility and how to avoid these problems; discuss different kinds of heating and air conditioning across cultures

  • Lesson 5: Tenants and Landlords
    • Compare and contrast right and responsibilities of tenants and landlords ; discuss problems between tenants and landlords and recommend solutions
  • Lesson 6: Insuring Your Property
    • Identify and discuss common problem resulting in property damage or loss ; discuss insurance coverage across cultures
  • Lesson 7: Moving
    • Identify and discuss reasons why people come to your door and what to say when they do
  • Lesson 8: Neighborhood Problems
    • Identify and discuss neighborhood problems and solutions in general and in your neighborhood in particular ; find out what your community is doing to solve the problems
  • Lesson 9: Neighborhood Improvements
    • identify and discuss neighborhood improvement ; discuss ways to be neighborly ; compare and contrast neighborhood and neighbors across cultures

Conversation Level-1 (Pre-Intermediate).

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Pioneers Academy is the largest training and educational institution in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, offering a comprehensive range of training and developmental solutions to both individuals and corporate professionals locally and regionally. It was established in 1993 and operating a fully prepared training facility of more than 17760 square - feet with state of the art academic equipment.

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