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Social Communicatio:

  • Lesson 1: Introductions and Greetings
    • identify self; introduce self and other; understand and use formal and informal introductions and leave takings.
  • Lesson 2: More About You
    • Ask and tell about basic personal information and reasons for studying English
  • Lesson 3: Congratulations
    • Extend congratulations in appropriate situations; compare cross-cultural customs
  • Lesson 4: Apologies
    • Extend apologies in appropriate situations; compare cross-cultural customs.

  • Lesson 5: Good and Bad Manners
    • Compare and contrast polite and impolite behavior across cultures.
  • Lesson 6: Helping Each Other
    • Offer and risk for help in various situations; compare cross – culture customs
  • Lesson 7: Expressing Sympathy
    • Extend sympathy in appropriate situations; compare cross-cultural  customs

Personal Life:

  • Lesson 1: Daily Life
    • Compare and contrast differing lifestyles; clarify and / or reconfirm personal lifestyle
  • Lesson 2: Favorite Foods
    • Compare and contrast food preferences; explain and introduce personal food preferences.
  • Lesson 3: Personality Characteristics
    • Identify and discuss various characteristics of personality; explain own personality characteristics.
  • Lesson 4: Friends
    • Compare and contrast positive and negative aspects of friendship; explain opinions about friendship.
  • Lesson 5: Childhood Memories
    • Ask and answer questions about childhood memories
  • Lesson 6: Cultural Identity
    • Identify and discuss cultural traits and traditions; compare and contrast cultural differences; explain own cultural heritage
  • Lesson 7: Life Story
    • Ask and answer questions about personal experiences; share personal stories
  • Lesson 8: Future Plans, Hopes and Dreams
    • Explain and ask about future goals and way of reaching them
  • Lesson 9: Learning Styles
    • Identify and discuss characteristics of various learning styles; clarify and/or reconfirm personal preferred learning style; discuss language learning skills

Family Life:

  • Lesson 1: Families
    • Identify and discuss family members and roles in the family ; share personal family memories
  • Lesson 2: Falling in Love
    • Compare and contrast personal and cross-cultural perspectives on courtship
  • Lesson 3: Marriage
    • Identify and discuss common milestones in marriage; share opinions about marriage
  • Lesson 4: Having a Baby

    • Identify and discuss common preparations for having a baby and experiences with babies.
  • Lesson 5: Growing Up

Identify and discuss contrasting lifestyles and problems of adolescence ; share and compare experiences as adolescents

  • Lesson 6: Parenting
    • Identify and discuss common problem of parenting; clarify , share , and/or reconfirm personal opinions about disciplining children
  • Lesson 7: After School

    • Compare and contrast supervised and unsupervised behavior of children after school; discuss ways for parents to be involved in children’s education outside school; discuss community programs for learning English and for special learning problems
  • Lesson 8: Divorce
    • Identify and discuss cause for divorce across cultures and legal solutions to marital problems
  • Lesson 9: Growing Old
    • Identify and discuss problems and pleasures of growing old.


About Pioneers Academy

Pioneers Academy is the largest training and educational institution in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, offering a comprehensive range of training and developmental solutions to both individuals and corporate professionals locally and regionally. It was established in 1993 and operating a fully prepared training facility of more than 17760 square - feet with state of the art academic equipment.

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