Computer Systems: Architecture & Organization Gulf University for Science & Technology

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Computer architecture and organization. Performance evaluation, instruction set architecture, datapaths, control unit, pipelining, memory hierarchy, storage and other I/O topics.

Course Prerequisites

  •  CSC 230 (Digital Systems) 

Course Outcomes:

After successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Compute the execution time, throughput, and speedup for improvements. [ABET a, j].
  • Describe and use a RISC-style instruction set architecture. [ABET a].
  • Describe and design the datapath and control logic of simple processors. [ABET c].
  • Describe the concept of pipelining. [ABET a]
  • Analyze the impact of caches and memory organization on performance. [ABET c, j].
  • Explain disk storage, buses and I/O management. [ABET a, j]. 

About Gulf University for Science & Technology

In the mid-1990s, a group of distinguished Kuwaiti academicians and businessmen realized the vital importance of establishing a modern university in Kuwait equal in quality to other prestigious universities abroad and to serve the ever-increasing educational demands of the local society and the Gulf region. Its primary purpose was to prepare generations of young leaders and professionals for the demands of a new global technological era.

In January 1997, Kuwaiti Academic Group, comprised of 41 faculty members from Kuwait University, was established to lay the foundation for the proposed "University of the Future." Their studies culminated in the vision of "Gulf University for Science and Technology" (GUST).z

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