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  • Locations: Dubai
  • Duration: 2 Days

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Values and Ethics are a central part of our lives. They are as basic and pervasive as thinking and feeling. But aligning strategy with values and ethical issues can leave us feeling confused, uncertain and powerless. This workshop introduces us to ethics through the lens of human values. It shows how to be clear about our values and how to live those values. Ethics is the gateway to living with integrity, peace and strength. The scope of ethics is broad. It is not simply about keeping rules, it extends to the meaning and purpose of our lives. The workshop addresses the need for commitment to ethical behaviour based on values and aligned to strategy as we consider the different perspectives people have on ethics, and what this means for ethical conduct in society. We look at ethics from the perspectives of businessstrategy, thequalityofour relationships.and personal identity.

Expected Accomplishments

  • Knowhow to discuss ethical issuesin a meaningful way
  • Understand why people differ in their ethical outlook
  • Have a deeper understanding of your own ethical values
  • Have a basisfor further developing your own ethical strength.

Course Outline

  • What is strategy, values and ethics?
  • Why does ethics raise so many problems?
  • Creating a foundation for ethics using the idea of values
  • What are values?
  • Identifying ethiealvalues
  • The five-dimensional model of the person that gives us fivecore human values
  • Discussion: using the fivecore human valuesapproach to understand ethical issues
  • Ethics in the business world
  • Three orientations toethics: law, relationshipsand identity
  • Expanding the three orientations to describe seven world views
  • Applying the orientations in practice
  • Examples,cases
  • Participants'stories
  • Developing our own ethics
  • Self-awareness exercise

Who Can Benefit

  • This is a workshop for ‘ordinary people*and it does not require a background in academic study of ethics or philosophy. ‘Ordinary people* includes leaders, managers, professionals, workers,consultants, in fact, anyone working in organisations or in business and anyone interested in finding some clarity about ethics in their workorlifesituation.

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