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Our exclusive Cisco Sales Essentials (CSE) training provides an introduction to Cisco's technologies, solutions, and resources and is the baseline training for Cisco Account Managers and Cisco hardware, software, and channel partner salespeople. In this course, Cisco channel partner account managers and sales professionals get a sales-focused introduction to the business needs, value, and impact of a network. Along with basic training on network infrastructure as well as Cisco technologies and solutions, you'll learn how they impact a business.

Target Audience

Cisco Account Managers and Cisco hardware, software, and channel partner salespeople who are new to Cisco and need a conceptual understanding of Cisco products and solutions as well as an understanding of how to sell those products and solutions.


In this course delegates will learn the following:

  • Cisco's strengths as a company and partner
  • The following Cisco Solutions: Network (Routing and Switching), Mobility, Unified Communications, Data Center, Security, Partner Tools and Support Services

For each Cisco Solution category listed, you'll learn:

  • Main business operational needs which require the solution, General IT solution for the operational needs, Cisco product families and series that make up the Cisco IT solution, ROI benefits of the Cisco solution, Importance of complete sale, How Cisco solutions can combine to meet customer needs, Case studies of customer challenges and Cisco solutions and Cisco tools and resources available to help account managers succeed

Course Outline


  • Course Introduction
  • Course Goal
  • Course Flow
  • CSE 4.0 Certification Information

Why Cisco?

  • Introduction to Cisco
  • Cisco Strengths
  • Cisco Vision
  • Benefits of Cisco IOS Software
  • Certifications and Specializations

Introduction to Network Systems

  • Solution Overview
  • Value Proposition
  • Understanding Switching and Routing
  • WAN Overview
  • Enterprise Composite Network Model Overview

Overview of Cisco Network Systems Products

  • Cisco Switching Products
  • Layer 2 Switches
  • Multilayer Switches
  • StackWise Switches
  • Modular Switches
  • Cisco Integrated Services Router
  • Cisco 7000 Series Router
  • Service Provider Routers

Network Systems Market-Level Success Stories

  • Small and Medium Business
  • Commercial
  • Enterprise

Introduction to Mobility

  • Solution Overview
  • Value Proposition
  • What is Mobility
  • Network Product Portfolio

Overview of Cisco Mobility Products

  • Distributed and Centralized WLAN Solutions
  • Benefits of Cisco Unified Wireless Network

Mobility Market-Level Success Stories

  • Small and Medium Business
  • Commercial
  • Enterprise

Introduction to Cisco Unified Communications

  • Solution Overview
  • Value Proposition
  • What Cisco Unified Communications Is

Overview of Cisco Unified Communications Products

  • Cisco Unified Communications Components
  • IP Telephony
  • Cisco Unified Communications Applications
  • Customer Contact Center Applications
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Voice Network Management

Unified Communications Market-Level Success Stories

  • Small and Medium Business
  • Commercial
  • Enterprise

Introduction to Cisco Data Center

  • Solution Overview
  • Value Proposition
  • The Cisco Data Center

Overview of Cisco Data Center Products

  • Network Infrastructure Layer
  • Interactive Services Layer

Data Center Market-Level Success Stories

  • Commercial
  • Enterprise

Introduction to Security

  • Solution Overview
  • Value Proposition
  • Security Challenges
  • Addressing Security Threats

Overview of Cisco Security Products

  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Endpoint Security
  • Anomaly Detection and Mitigation
  • Firewall and VPN
  • Trust and Identity
  • Security Management

Security Market-Level Success Stories

  • Small and Medium Business
  • Commercial
  • Enterprise

Increasing Revenue Using Services and Support

  • Solution Overview
  • Value Proposition
  • Introduction to Cisco Services and Support
  • Technical Support Services
  • Engaging Cisco Field Resources
  • Partner Incentive Programs

Partnership Tools

  • Introduction to Partnership Tools
  • Training and Promotions

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