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This Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS) Product Enhancement lab intensive course introduces you to the Cisco® CRS product enhancements, which include Cisco CRS-3 switch fabric cards, Cisco CRS-3 line cards, Cisco CRS-3 Physical Layer Interface Modules (PLIMs), Performance Route Processors (PRPs), and modular power systems and their features and functions. You will learn the important theoretical concepts on which the Cisco CRS-1 and Cisco CRS-3 are based and gain the practical knowledge and skills to successfully deploy them in your network. You will be able to determine which Cisco CRS product enhancements are right for your routing systems based on the requirements of your network.

In the hands-on labs, you will explore new ASIC features and functions on the Cisco CRS-3 switch fabric cards, line cards, and PLIMs and compare those features and functions to Cisco CRS-1 hardware. In addition, you will explore the ASIC features and function of the PRP and investigate modular power systems that can be installed in either a Cisco CRS-1 or Cisco CRS-3 routing system.

You will be able to verify proper operation of various CRS-3 hardware, including the 140Gb/s switch fabric, 140Gb/s line cards, 14- and 20-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Physical Layer Interface Modules (PLIMs), the Performance Route Processor (PRP), and the new modular power systems, and perform basic troubleshooting.


  • Introduction to Cisco CRS Enhancements
  • Modular Power Systems
  • Performance Route Processors
  • 140-Gb/s Switch Fabric
  • 140-Gigabit Line Cards
  • New Physical Layer Interface Modules
  • Migration to Cisco IOS XR Release 4.2.0
  • Labs

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