Degree Requirements
The general requirements outlined by Texas A&M University for the various graduate degrees appear in the Graduate Catalog, which also provides an excellent summary of the major steps required to fulfill the requirements for each degree. You should obtain a copy of the Graduate Catalog and become familiar with the requirements for your degree.
The two graduate degrees administered by the Chemical Engineering Program at Texas A&M University at Qatar are the Master of Science and the Master of Engineering. The following sections describe the requirements for each of these degrees in more detail. A Degree Plan, which specifies formally the exact courses required and the Advisory Committee for each student, is prepared by the student, in consultation with the Chair of his/her Advisory Committee.
For all of the degree plans listed below, students must demonstrate minimum scholarship standards to remain in the graduate program. Thus a student who falls below a 3.0 GPR has one academic semester to bring their GPR above this value. Failure to do that will result in dismissal from the graduate program. Similarly, a grade below C in any course will result in dismissal from the graduate program.
Texas A&M University at Qatar will:
Develop exemplary engineers and leaders through internationally respected undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
Generate new knowledge by conducting research and disseminating results.
Serve the needs of the State of Qatar and the region through broad expertise. 
Texas A&M University at Qatar will be the premier provider of engineering education in the region, a valuable contributor to knowledge internationally, and a valued resource to the State of Qatar.
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