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The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the largest, longest established and most respected marketing organisation in the world, representing the members and industry for nearly 100 years. CIM has the unique ability to confer Chartered Marketer status to deserving holders, in recognition of achievement in theory, practical experience and expertise. Currently CIM has close to 35,000 members worldwide with about 13,000 students.CIM offers a range of marketing qualifications to suit all levels; from junior marketers at the outset of their careers, right through to those at board or senior strategic levels.

Why Should I Study CIM?
No matter what the industry, CIM offers practical and relevant marketing knowledge to help you keep abreast of everything, from new technology to new techniques as well as the wider business arena. It can give you credibility way beyond the marketing department. An internationally recognized, professional qualification speaks volumes and would guarantee to an employer that you are more capable and credible than the next candidate. CIM develops the marketing profession, maintains professional standards and improve the skills of marketing practitioners, enabling the delivery of exceptional results.

Why Should I do CIM at Noesis?
Noesis is the only active CIM study centre in Malaysia and Singapore. Noesis provide a well-balanced understanding of theory and practicality in the marketing industry with instructors who are practitioners with wide industry experience in the marketing field and academicians who are practiced in the industry whilst our academicians are dedicated and experienced instructors, most of whom have over 10 years of lecturing and training experience. This provides students with a better understanding of the marketing environment and industry, along with job opportunities.

In providing part-time studies, we understand the priority to provide flexibility for our students in their study schedules. Taking into consideration the need for students to balance work and their studies, classes are conducted intensively on weekends.

We also recognize that as working adults, the sharing of experience in class is an important tool of learning; therefore class numbers are kept small. In addition this allows personal and professional attention to be directed to each inpidual.


Whatever stage you are at in your career, the CIM qualifications can help you to develop your marketing skills and knowledge. These qualifications are developed to meet industry needs, they will provide you with practical skills that can help you to progress.

Certificate in Professional Marketing

  • A qualification which gives you the practical skills and knowledge to devise and execute tactical marketing activities and gain marketing credibility.


Learning Outcomes

Unit 1:
The marketing concept

  • Understand the role and function of marketing (10%).
  • Understand what influences customer behaviour (15%).

Unit 2:
Analysis and insight

  • Identify factors and trends in the marketing environment and how they affect marketing planning (15%).
  • Identify options for gathering relevant marketing information (15%).

Unit 3:
Marketing mix

  • Know the elements of the marketing mix (30%).
  • Apply and adapt the marketing mix to satisfy customer needs (15%).

Integrated Communication

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1:
Internal marketing

  • Know how to build cross-functional relationships (15%).
  • Understand how to harness resources to deliver effective marketing solutions (10%).

Unit 2:
Value proposition

  • Create effective communications to deliver value to customers (15%).
  • Understand product and brand management (20%).

Unit 3:
Marketing communications

  • Understand the components of the marketing communications mix (20%).
  • Develop integrated marketing communications (20%)

Customer Experience

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1:

​Customer context

  • Understand the range of different contexts across which marketers operate (15%).
  • Understand the importance of customer expectations (15%).

Unit 2:
Customer experience

  • Understand the different dimensions of customer experience (20%).
  • Deliver activities that enhance customer experience (20%).

Unit 3:
Measuring and monitoring

  • •Know how to monitor and measure customer experience in context (15%).
  • •Use metrics to improve future customer experience (15%).

Digital Marketing

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1:
The digital landscape

  • Understand the opportunities and challenges presented by the digital environment (15%).
  • Assess the impact and influence of the dynamic digital environment (15%).

Unit 2:
Digital toolkit

  • Learn how key digital tools can support and enhance marketing (20%).
  • Understand the relevance of digital platforms and channels in context (20%).

Unit 3:
Digital in action

  • Develop digital activities to support and enhance multichannel marketing (15%).
  • Apply the key principles involved in monitoring and measuring digital marketing effectiveness (15%).

 Diploma in Professional Marketing

  • qualification which provides the knowledge, skills and 'ability to do' in relation to marketing planning and develops the 'marketing professional' across a range of areas. The qualification is a hybrid of marketing with considerable emphasis on management as marketers move from specialist aspects of marketing into either a functional or departmental role.

Strategic Marketing

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1:
Situation analysis

  • Understand how to analyse an organisation's current and future external environment (15%).
  • Understand how to analyse an organisation's current and future internal environment (15%).

Unit 2:

  • Analyse relevant information to recommend and inform strategic decision making (20%).
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan to realise organisational objectives (20%).

Unit 3:
Implementation and control

  • Manage resources to deliver the strategic marketing plan (15%).
  • Monitor, measure and adapt the marketing plan for continuous improvement (15%).

Mastering Metrics

Learning Outcomes
Metrics and analytics

  • Understand the role of marketing metrics (15%).
  • Understand the significance of different measurement techniques across a range of market contexts (10%).

Unit 2:
Measuring effectiveness

  • Know the relevant measures of marketing performance (15%).
  • Apply marketing metrics to establish the effectiveness of marketing activities (20%).

Unit 3:
Analytics for decision making

  • Understand appropriate sources of data for marketing analysis (15%).
  • Make use of various analytical tools and techniques for marketing insight and strategic decision making (25%).

Driving Innovation

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1:
Entrepreneurial marketing

  • Understand the relationship between marketing and entrepreneurship (15%).
  • Implement an entrepreneurial response to change and to delivering marketing solutions (15%).

Unit 2:

  • Understand the key factors that facilitate and nurture innovation in organisations (15%).
  • Apply principles of innovation throughout the marketing function (15%).

Unit 3:
The marketing champion

  • Understand the role of internal marketing (20%).
  • Implement marketing-led organisational change (20%)

Digital Strategy

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1:
Digital disruption

  • Understand the strategic implications of the dynamic digital environment (10%).
  • Generate relevant insights into key emerging themes within the digital marketing environment (20%).

Unit 2:
Digital planning

  • Develop strategic recommendations in response to the need to acquire, convert and retain customers (20%).
  • Deliver an agile response to changing customer behaviours (20%).

Unit 3:
Delivering success

  • Know how to manage and optimise key channels and content within a digitally enhanced strategic plan (20%).
  • Apply key digital measures to analyse social, sentiment, search and site behaviour (10%)

Course Location

About Noesis

Established in 2009 by key former members of a local higher education institute. Noesis has moved into a new 11,600 sq ft facility, which included a 11-bed residence. in 2014, Noesis also started a Singapore Branch. It now provides a range of professional programmes from a number of prestigious international professional certifying bodies, as follows:

  • CFA
  • CIMA
  • CIM
  • CIPD

Our accreditation from these these institutions include:

  • Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) – CFA Institute Prep Providers Guideline Programmes
  • Certified Practising Accountants Australia (CPA AUST) – Registered Tuition Provider in the Klang Valley
  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) – CIMA Quality Partner, provider of all levels, including gateway and Pearson Vue Exam Centre
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) – Active Accredited Study Centre and National Exam Centre
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) – First Non-UK accredited institution to offer advanced level programme
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