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    The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is a United Kingdom-based professional body offering training and qualification in management accountancy and related subjects, focused on accounting for business, together with ongoing support for members.
    CIMA is one of the professional associations for accountants in Ireland and the UK. Its particular emphasis is on developing the management accounting profession within the UK and worldwide. CIMA is the largest management accounting body in the world, with more than 227,000 members and students in 179 countries. CIMA is also a member of the International Federation of Accountants. 
    CIMA is the world's largest professional body of management accountants. 
    CIMA-trained people work in industry, commerce, management consultancies, and banks and not for profit and public sector organizations. Many CIMA members work in prestigious, high paying roles. 
    The syllabus is designed to deliver a strong understanding of all aspects of business so the members can contribute in many areas of an organization. 
    CIMA's syllabus consistently provides: 
    • More management accounting, 
    • More business strategy 
    • More financial strategy
    CIMA prepares people for a career in business. It teaches skills for strategic advice, managing risk and making key decisions.
    The Levels
    The syllabus is also divided into three levels of achievement. You will progress from the operational level to the management level and finally to the strategic level.
    At each level you study subjects across the three pillars:
    • The Operational level :
    The operational level has a short-term focus. It covers the implementation of strategy, as well as reporting on the implementation of strategy.
    • The Management level :
    The management level has a medium-term focus. It translates the strategy decided at higher levels, and communicates it to lower levels for implementation.
    It monitors and reports on the implementation of strategy, and ensures corrective action is taken when required.
    • The Strategic level :
    The strategic level has a long term focus. It concentrates on making strategic decisions and providing the context in which those decisions will be implemented.

    Job roles this course is suitable / will prepare you for

    Student can go business field and can start their own business also.

    About British Columbia International Academy

    Education in Middle East
    Leading educators in the UAE praised the country’s leadership for declaring 2016 as the ‘’Year of Reading’’.
    President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced the programme and said the initiative’s aim was to continue moving the country towards a knowledge-based economy, and nurturing a generation of readers would be the best way to reach that goal.
    As Dubai’s international population is growing rapidly, it has become more and more important to invest in higher education.
    British Columbia International Academy (BCIA) is a largest Professional training Academy in World working with the aim of Spreading world class educational system in Middle east region.Our team is  focusing on Quality Training for Accountiing and Financial Graduates.
    BCIA has a vision of commitment to help them to enhance their career and develope World-class Professionals.
    We provide services to individuals and firms with a focus to increase productivity at workplace and enhance efficiency in every aspect.
    We strive to achieve this vision by:
    • Helping individuals to identify and achieve their development, growth and career goals.
    • Adopting the highest standards of quality and service.
    • Maintaining a customer-focused organization with a strong partnering culture.
    • Hiring certified experienced and bilingual trainers and consultants.
    • Reacting to any training requirements with speed and efficiency.
    • Adopting modern training methodology.
    • Growing a balanced portfolio of business.
    Our Mission:
    Seeks to provide a full suite of Management Accounting, Auditing and Financial Training to Graduates in the UAE. Responding to the requirements of a changing environment implies constantly redefining the training centers programmers, reworking the contents in the light of the objectives, designing methods best suited to the individual needs of the trainees, and putting these new methods and ways of working into practice.
    Our Objective:
    The principal objective of training and development division is to make sure the availability of a skilled and willing workforce to an organization. In addition to that, there are four other objectives: Individual, Organizational, Functional, and Societal.
    • Individual Objectives– help employees in achieving their personal goals, which in turn, enhances the individual contribution to an organization.
    • Organizational Objectives –assist the organization with its primary objective by bringing individual effectiveness.
    • Functional Objectives –maintain the department’s contribution at a level suitable to the organization’s needs.
    • Societal Objectives– ensure that an organization is ethically and socially responsible to the needs and challenges of the society.
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