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Organizational Change Management (OCM) concerns implementation. It is a Strategic Management and Organizational Behavior course designed for executives, line managers, HR managers, internal or external consultants, and project managers responsible for initiating and/or implementing strategic initiatives. The change initiatives that we will examine are cross-enterprise change at the organizational level – as opposed to change initiatives directed at the group or individual level within functional units. The course seeks to provide an understanding of the best practices of managing organizational change as well as an opportunity for participants to self-identify and enhance their personal skills with respect to their roles as both managers and targets of change.

The most carefully crafted plans for change can, and often do, fall apart during implementation, affecting not only operations or product/service delivery, but also the people who work in the organization. As a result, the costs to the organization are twofold – not only are the benefits of the planned change not realized, but employees can become disillusioned and cynical regarding future change initiatives. Despite the long history of introducing organizational change initiatives in corporations, there is little indication that these initiatives are sustained over time. This course focuses on the process of implementing change as the key facet and fundamental hallenge in managing organizational change. The process of managin organizational change is both an art and a science; consequently, there are two learning objectives of the course.

Who is Right for the Program?

Experienced executives who are planning for or in the process of undergoing a major change in their organization, but have not had the benefit of state-of-the-art training in Change Management

Executives who may be part of the organizational change to understand the best practices and other practical considerations during their organization’s transition

The seminar will help to solidify your understanding of the best practices in Change Management and will equip you with tools to manage some of the practical considerations during the implementation of organizational change initiatives.

Program Outline
Day One
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM) concepts
  • Application
  • Case Analysis
  • OCM Best Practices
Day Two
  • Introduction to Change Management Simulation
  • Change Management Simulation – Round One
  • Review and Discussion
  • Change Management Simulation – Round Two
Day Three
  • The role of HR in Managing Change
  • Individual Change Approaches
  • Managing Transformation
  • Sustaining Change

About American Univeristy of the Middle East

AUM aims to create a solid learning environment that facilitates the development of a generation of leaders who are committed to the culture of their community and the global ethical values of professionalism. theirstudents enjoy a continuous learning process that teaches them to seek knowledge, gain experience and commit to more responsibility. AUM focuses on its students by applying the “Learner Centered Approach,” which aids the university in the process of character building and the development of creative and independent critical thinking skills for students. AUM emphasizes that the acquisition of theoretical knowledge must be accompanied first and foremost by student empowerment, enabling students to not only apply this knowledge, but also benefit from it both in their professional and personal lives.
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