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Companies are in a constant process of change. During the interim, management and employees must continue at full force so as to not allow for a decline in productivity. Learning how to keep a team together during such an imperative time is a skill that employees cannot discard. This two-day workshop will help you help others deal with change effectively.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize that there are no normal or abnormal ways of reacting to change, but that everyone must start from where they are
  • See change not as something to be feared and resisted but as an essential element of the world to be accepted
  • Understand that adapting to change is not technical but attitudinal. Change is not an intellectual issue but one that strikes at who you are.
  • Recognize that before they can embrace the way things will be, they must go through a process of grieving and of letting go of the way things used to be
  • See change as an opportunity for self-motivation and innovation
  • Identify strategies for helping change be accepted and implemented in the workplace

Course Outline:

Introduction and Course Overview

  • Get to know each other
  • Agenda
  • Identify personal learning objectives

What is Change?

  • Basics of change
  • Definitions and examples

The Change Cycle

  • The 3 phases of the Change Cycle lecture
  • Small group work

The Human Reaction to Change

  • Interpretations of human responses lecture
  • Small group work

The Pace of Change

  • How people reaction to change in different ways and at different times
  • Case study

The Pyramid Response to Change

  • How employees are affected
  • How middle management is affected
  • How upper management is affected

Dealing with Resistance: 3 Keys to Successful Change

Adapting to Change

  • How to become resilient to change
  • Personal case studies
  • Small group work

Five Strategies for Dealing with Change

Managing Anger

  • Dealing with our own anger
  • Dealing with other’s anger
  • Small group work

Managing Stress

  • Stress management
  • Relaxation techniques

Workshop Wrap-Up

  • Questions
  • Action Plan

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