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The Export-Import trade in India is one of the most lucrative of all current global business opportunities. As the world has becomes more and more technologically advanced, geographical boundaries don’t matter any more. With emerging trends in the world economic scenario, International trade becomes more and more rewarding, both in terms of profit and personal satisfaction. Vskills Certified Import Export Professional would have knowledge on import export regulations and could be employed as Export Coordinator, Merchandiser, Procurement manager, Product Manager etc.

Why should one take this certificate?
This certification is designed to acquaint and thereby provide a firm foundation of International Trade. The goal is to identify those candidates who understand the nuances of international trade and to develop knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of Export/Import and learn about the different aspects of International trade.

Who will benefit from taking this certification?
This certification is designed for those who plan a professional career as an Export/Import Professional. It seeks to benefit students, those expanding business in international market, starting a business or simply those looking to work in international trade company.

Table of Contents

International Trade
  • Regulations of International Trade
  • Risks in International Trade
  • Top Trading Nations
  • Top traded commodities (Exports)
International Trade – WTO
  • GATT rounds of negotiations
  • Functions of WTO
  • Principles of the trading system
Export and Import
  • Export
  • Advantages of Exporting
  • Disadvantages of Exporting
  • Ways of exporting
  • Making the export decision
  • Import
Starting Exports – Important steps
  • Basic Requirements
  • IEC Number
  • Export License
  • Export Samples
  • Export Pricing
  • Steps for successful exporting
Role of Government Agencies
  • Director General of Foreign Trade
  • Export Promotion Councils
  • Board of Trade
  • Commodity Boards
  • Institutes for export promotion
  • India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO)
  • National Centre for Trade Information (NCTI)
  • Export Inspection Council (EIC)
  • Export Credit Guarantee Corporation
  • Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S)
  • Indian Trade Promotion Council (ITPO)
  • Federation of Indian Exporters’ Organization (FIEO)
  • Export Import Bank (EXIM)
  • Export Inspection Council
  • Customs and Central Excise Department
  • Marine Products Export Development Authority
  • Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority
  • Indian Council of Arbitration
  • Federation of Indian Export Organisations
  • Department of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics
  • Directorate General of Shipping
  • Freight Investigation Bureau
  • State Trading Corporation of India Limited (STC)
  • Major State trading organizations in India
Export Documentation
  • Pre-shipment Documents
  • Post Shipment Documents
  • Export Documents
Payment Terms
  • Payment in Advance
  • Letter of Credit
  • Documentary Collections
  • Open Account
  • Classification
  • Multi modal transport Rules
  • Sea and Inland Waterway Transport Rules
  • Trade Rules
Methods of Financing Exporters
  • Pre Shipment Finance
  • Post Shipment Advance
Export Assistance
  • Importance of Export Assistance
  • Export Promotion Measures in India
  • Eligibility for Export/Trading/Star Trading/Super Star Trading Houses
  • Rendering exports price competitive
  • Strengthening Export Marketing Effort
  • Special Economic Zones
  • Export Processing Zone /Export Oriented Units
Processing of an export order
  • Nature and Format of Export Order
  • Examination and Confirmation of Export Order
  • Central Excise Clearance
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Appointment of Clearing and Forwarding Agents
  • Transportation of Goods to Port of Shipment
  • Port Formalities and Customs Clearance
  • Certificate of Origin and Shipment Advice
  • Presentation of Documents to Bank
  • Claiming Export Incentives
Product Development for Exports
  • Product Development
  • Planning for product development
  • Sourcing new ideas
  • The Product Development Process
  • Market Research
  • Successful Product Planning
  • Packing and packaging
Export Marketing
  • Export Readiness
  • Identifying the right markets
  • Market Entry for Exports
  • Assessing Export Competitiveness
  • Why Import
  • Global Sourcing
  • Import Requirements and Documentation
  • Procedure to Import
  • Import Duties
  • Payment Methods
  • Import Financing
  • FEMA Guidelines relating to Imports
  • Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme - EPCG
Forex and Risk Management
  • What is Foreign Exchange?
  • Foreign Exchange as a Financial Market
  • Foreign Exchange is an OTC Market (Over The Counter)
  • Rates of Exchange
  • Primary and Counter Currency
  • Market Maker and Market Taker
  • Bid/Offer Rate
  • Middle Rate
  • Cross Rates
  • Factors affecting exchange rate fluctuations
  • Major Currencies
  • Effect of fluctuations in exchange rates: exposure and foreign exchange risk
  • Risks of foreign exchange to exporters and importers
  • Managing risk
Electronic Data Interchange
  • Advantages
  • EDI link ups
  • Indian Customs EDI System (ICES)
National Foreign Trade Policy
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • Foreign Trade Policy
Containerization and Transportation
  • Modes of Transport
  • Containerization
Managing Quality in Exports
  • Services Quality
  • ISO 9000 Sstandards
  • List of Certification Bodies in India
Glossary (Acronyms)

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Vskills is the largest certification body of India. It conducts skills testing and certification exam to improve employability. Candidates use Vskills Certifications, which are well recognized in the Industry, as certification of skills and knowledge.
Companies have benefitted by hiring pre-certified candidates from Vskills and also use the certifications for their in house employee appraisals. The certification body is affiliated to various organizations and is managed professionally by IIM Alumni.

Tests are conducted in a secure and unbiased manner, and certificates are awarded based on merit of the candidates who qualify tests.

Vskills certifications are for relevant qualifications that help students/employees quantify and prove those skills that are valued by the employer and are in great demand.

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