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What is included in the Child Psychotherapy:

  • Lecture
  • Tutorial
  • Group Clinical Supervision
  • Case Review and Assessment

Training Topics
Children clinical symptoms covered include:

Anger Management

  • Therapy covered: Teaching the child effective communication and assertiveness skills to express anger in a controlled fashion and to meet his/her needs through more constructive actions.


  • Therapy covered: Conducting play therapy sessions in which the child's anxieties, fears, and worries are explored, expressed, and resolved. Besides that, students will learn how to use an interpretive interview method in which helps the child to express motivation and feelings. Students also learn to help the client in making a connection between fears and anxieties and unexpressed or unacceptable wishes or "bad" thoughts.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Therapy covered: Identify a variety of positive reinforces or reward to maintain the child's interest or motivation. It can also design and implement a token economy to improve the child's academic performance, social skills, and impulse control.


  • Therapy covered: Actively building a level of trust with the client through consistent eye contact, frequent attention and interest, unconditional positive regard, and warm acceptance to facilitate increased communication. Besides that, students learn to use operant conditioning principles and response-shaping techniques to help child develop self-help skills and improving personal hygiene.

Conduct Disorder

  • Therapy covered: Encouraging and supporting the child with conduct disorder in expressing feelings associated with neglect, abuse, separation or abandonment. Students also learn how to conduct individual play therapy sessions to provide the child an opportunity to express feelings surrounding past abandonment.


  • Therapy covered: Exploring the emotional pain from the child's past experience that contributes to the feelings of hopelessness and low self-esteem. Students also learn how to facilitate parents giving warm, positive, affirming expression of love to the depressed child.

Divorce Reaction

  • Therapy covered: Exploring the emotional pain from the child's past experience that contributes to the feelings of hopelessness and low self-esteem. Students also learn how to facilitate parents giving warm, positive, affirming expression of love to the depressed child.

Enuresis/ Encopresis

  • Therapy covered: Training the child and his/her parents to treat enuresis by using behavioural therapy when involuntary wetting occurs.

Grief/ Loss unresolved

  • Therapy covered: Actively build level of trust with the child through consistent eye contact, active listening, unconditional positive regard, and warm acceptance while asking him/her to identify and express feelings associated with the loss.

Low self-esteem

  • Therapy covered: Assist child in becoming capable of identifying and verbalizing his/her emotional needs, along with ways to increase the chances of their needs being met.

Peer/ Sibling Conflict

  • Therapy covered: Creating scenarios with puppets, dolls, or stuffed animals that model and/or suggest constructive ways to handle or manage conflicts with siblings/peers.

School Refusal

  • Therapy covered: Designing and implementing a systematic desensitization program to help the client manage his/her anxiety and gradually attend school for longer periods of time.

Course Layout

  • We use the mastery system of education. Besides lecturing, this course provides clinical experience such as: research, case study, group clinical supervision, reflections, discussions & presentation. Assessment includes case study oral and written presentations, group participation, research paper and assignments.
  • The topics mentioned above are taught within 3 months. During this period, students will also be given clinical case assignments and presentations to do.
  • Our course is structured as 2 intensive workshop with 6 group clinical supervision & oral / written case presentation for the assessment. Fulfilling the attendance and passing the criteria given will lead to towards the licensed practitioner membership of Adult Psychotherapy, Geriatric Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, Child Therapy, Art Therapy and/or Expressive Therapy Divisions of Malaysia Association of Psychotherapy.

Below are the equipments used :

  • Chairs & table
  • Course book
  • Figurines
  • SandTray
  • Symbols
  • Cds and Music
  • White board
  • Notes/ books

Course Location

About International Psychology Center

Our team of professional psychologists and counselors have been accredited practitioner licenses after having met the highest standards of qualifications set by various key professional bodies in Malaysia. This includes The Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy, The Malaysian Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Association, The Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine, The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards Hypnosis Education & Certification. 

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