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What is included in the Child Psychological Assessment:

  • Lecture
  • Tutorial
  • Group Clinical Supervision
  • Case Review and Assessment

Training Topics
Children clinical symptoms covered include:

Anger Management

  • Anger is a repeated angry outburst that is out of proportion to the precipitating event. For those children anger, they might excessive yelling , swearing, crying, or use of verbally abusive language when efforts to meet desires are frustrated or limits are placed on behavior.


  • Anxiety means excessive anxiety, worry, or fear that markedly exceeds the level for the client's stage of development. It also is a specific fear that has become generalized to cover a wide range and has reached the point where it significantly interferes with the child's and the family's daily life.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • ADHD is a short attention span which is difficulty sustaining attention on a consistent basis. Hyperactivity as evidenced by a high energy level, restlessness, difficulty sitting still, or loud or excessive talking.


  • Autism is pervasive lack of interest in or responsiveness to other people. It is significant delays in or total lack of spoken-language development and lack of spontaneity and emotional or social reciprocity

Conduct Disorder

  • Conduct disorder means persistent refusal to comply with rules or expectations in the home, school, or community. It also tends to have excessive fighting, intimidation of others, cruelty or violence toward people or animals, and destruction of property


  • Depression in child means sad or flat affect, moody irritability, eating and sleep disorder.

Divorce Reaction

  • Divorce symptoms in children include persistent fears and worries about being abandoned or separated from parents.

Enuresis/ Encopresis

  • Enuresis or encopresis means repeated pattern of voluntary or involuntary voiding of urine into bed or clothes during the day or at night after age 5, when continence is expected.

Grief/ Loss unresolved

  • Grief or loss unresolved means the child loss of contact with a parent figure due to the parent's death, termination of parental rights or due to the parent's incarceration.

Low self-esteem

  • Normally child with low self-esteem will verbalizes self-disparaging remarks, sees self as unattractive, worthless, and stupid, a loser, a burden, unimportant or take blame easily.

Peer/ Sibling Conflict

  • Peer or sibling conflict is frequent, overt, intense fighting (verbal and/or physical) with peers and/or siblings. It is also including bullying, defiance, revenge, taunting, and incessant teasing.

School Refusal

  • Child with school refusal always marked emotional distress and repeated complaints (e.g., crying, temper outbursts, pleading with parents not to go to school) when anticipating separation from home to attend school or after arrival at school.

Course Layout

  • We use the mastery system of education. Besides lecturing, this course provides clinical experience such as: research, case study, group clinical supervision, reflections, discussions & presentation. Assessment includes case study oral and written presentations, group participation, research paper and assignments.
  • The topics mentioned above are taught within 3 months. During this period, students will also be given clinical case assignments and presentations to do.
  • Our course is structured as 2 intensive workshop with 6 group clinical supervision & oral / written case presentation for the assessment. Fulfilling the attendance and passing the criteria given will lead to towards the licensed practitioner membership of Adult Psychotherapy, Geriatric Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, Child Therapy, Art Therapy and/or Expressive Therapy Divisions of Malaysia Association of Psychotherapy.

Below are the equipments used:

  • Chairs & table
  • Course book
  • Figurines
  • SandTray
  • Symbols
  • Cds and Music
  • White board
  • Notes/ books

Course Location

About International Psychology Center

Our team of professional psychologists and counselors have been accredited practitioner licenses after having met the highest standards of qualifications set by various key professional bodies in Malaysia. This includes The Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy, The Malaysian Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Association, The Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine, The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards Hypnosis Education & Certification. 

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