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This sales & marketing course provides a comprehensive awareness of marketing & selling strategies identify, recruit and retain the perfect customer. It will provide you with the practical marketing skills to increase brand equity, brand awareness, develop your target market, as well as create the necessary leads and inquiries through targeted marketing campaigns. It will help you increase return on investment by successfully improving your reach and maximize your short term sales and long-term customer relationships. This course focuses on developing market position through strategic marketing planning to enhance success rates and increase profitability. Organizational competitive advantage through brand USP and optimal customer satisfaction is achieved through the understanding of market conditions and the exploration of strategic alternatives.
Why ?
  • Is your marketing strategy increasing your revenue
  • Is your customer base segmental
  • Is your customer base a loyal one
  • Is your sales conversion optimized?
  • Are you adroit in your sales and marketing strategy
What ?
  • Conduct strategic planning and build effective marketing and business plan
  • Identify appropriate vision, mission and strategic options.
  • Implement customer life cycle appropriate product development programs.
  • Developing your augmented product strategy
  • Identify and isolate strategic pricing options
  • Optimize market share through market segmentation and targeting strategy
  • Gain sustainable competitive advantage through a customer-centric strategy
  • Implement a strategic integrated marketing promotion plan that encompasses sales
  • Identify and structure marketing channels based on customer expectations
Updated on 03 June, 2019

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