Certificate in Business Strategy Manipal Executive Education
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  • Duration: 90 Hours

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After completing this course, the learners will be able to

  • Appreciate the concepts of Business Strategy
  • Understand how strategy is applied by various business for growth and to reach a market leader position
  • Perform SWOT Analysis, understand how the Porter Five forces framework is used for Industry analysis
  • Understand the seven components of McKinsey 7S Model


1. Introduction to Business Strategy

  • Explain the concept of business strategy
  • Explain the need for having a business strategy
  • Identify the essential components of a business strategy
  • Describe the consequences having an inadequate business strategy
  • Explain the concept of positioning
  • Describe the term sustainable competitive advantage

2. Strategic Positioning and Choices 

  • Identify the three strategies for creating competitive advantage
  • Explain how these strategies—cost leadership, differentiation and focus—differ from each other

3. Grand Strategies and Functional Strategies

  • Describe grand strategies
  • Describe functional strategies
  • Differentiate between grand and functional strategies
  • Explain the role of functional strategies in select functions

4. Strategy Formulation

  • Describe the process of developing a strategy
  • Identify the stages of the strategy development process
  • Explain the importance of vision and mission statements
  • Describe the concept of strategic objectives

5. Strategy Formulation in Different Industries

  • Identify the various categories of industries based on their developmental stage
  • Describe the strategy formulation process for each category

About Manipal Executive Education

Manipal Executive Education (MEE) is Manipal Global Education’s corporate and executive education entity based out of Dubai, UAE. It services the Middle East & Africa Region including strategic markets such as UAE, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar & Bahrain.
Its purpose is to deliver world class certification and training programs for students, working professionals and corporates in various formats ranging from classroom based training, online programs and hybrid programs across multiple sectors which are of relevance to the region.
Based out of Dubai Knowledge Village, the HR & Training Hub of Dubai, MEE offers high end certification programs in functional and technical programs across multiple sectors ranging from Logistics, Banking & Financial Services, IT, Telecom, Retail and Hospitality.

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