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In this course, you learn the essential Certified Business Analysis Professional terminology, tools and techniques required to pass the CBAP ® exam.You will receive a CD of material including the CBAP ® Guide and exam bank questions. You also receive the Campus Education CBAP ® attendance Certificate .

The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) designation is a professional certification for individuals with extensive business analysis experience. With at least 7500 hours of hands-on BA experience, CBAP® recipients are the elite, senior members of the BA community.

With over 1000 individuals in more than 30 countries achieving the CBAP® designation since the first Certified Business Analysis exam was held in November 2006, CBAP® recipients are experts in identifying the business needs of an organization in order to determine the best solutions.

More and more companies are recognizing the CBAP® designation and the value and expertise these professionals bring to their organizations.

Target Audience

Any Person who performs business analysis activities , No matter what their Job tile or organizational role may be.

Business Analysis Practitioners also includes business systems , Systems analysts , Requirements Engineers , Process Analysts . Product Managers , Product Owners , Enterprise Analysts , Business Architects , Management Consultants and those who also perform related disciplines such as Project Management , Software Development , Quality Assurance and Interaction Design.

Program Objectives

  • The primary objective of this program is to prepare participants to confidently take and pass the CBAP® exam.
  • The program delivery is highly interactive and is heavily based on experience sharing, discussions and exercises.
  • The program facilitates preparation for the CBAP® certification exam through a series of exercises, quizzes and exam-style questions.


Introduction to Business Analysis:

  • What is the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge?
  • What is Business Analysis?
  • Key Concepts
  • Knowledge Areas
  • Tasks
  • Techniques
  • Underlying Competencies
  • Other Sources of Business Analysis Information

Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring:

  • Plan Business Analysis Approach
  • Conduct Stakeholder Analysis
  • Plan Business Analysis Activities
  • Plan Business Analysis Communication
  • Plan Requirements Management Process
  • Manage Business Analysis Performance


  • Prepare for Elicitation
  • Conduct Elicitation Activity
  • Document Elicitation Results
  • Confirm Elicitation Results

Requirements Management & Communication:

  • Manage Solution Scope & Requirements
  • Manage Requirements Traceability
  • Maintain Requirements for Re-use
  • Prepare Requirements Package
  • Communicate Requirements

Enterprise Analysis:

  • Define Business Need
  • Assess Capability Gaps
  • Determine Solution Approach
  • Define Solution Scope
  • Define Business Case

Requirements Analysis:

  • Prioritize Requirements
  • Organize Requirements
  • Specify and Model Requirements
  • Define Assumptions and Constraints
  • Verify Requirements
  • Validate Requirements

Solution Assessment & Validation:

  • Assess Proposed Solution
  • Allocate Requirements
  • Assess Organizational Readiness
  • Define Transition Requirements
  • Validate Solution
  • Evaluate Solution Performance

Underlying Competencies:

  • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Behavioral Characteristics
  • Business Knowledge
  • Communication Skills
  • Interaction Skills
  • Software Applications


  • Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition
  • Benchmarking
  • Brainstorming
  • Business Rules Analysis
  • Data Dictionary and Glossary
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • Data Modeling
  • Decision Analysis
  • Document Analysis
  • Estimation
  • Focus Groups
  • Functional Decomposition
  • Interface Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Lessons Learned Process
  • Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
  • Non-functional Requirements Analysis
  • Observation
  • Organization Modeling
  • Problem Tracking
  • Process Modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Requirements Workshops
  • Risk Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Scenarios and Use Cases
  • Scope Modeling
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • State Diagrams
  • Structured Walk through
  • Survey/Questionnaire
  • SWOT Analysis
  • User Stories
  • Vendor Assessment

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