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Windows Infrastructure Hardening has become a mandatory step performed on a regular basis by any organization that sees security as a priority.
Businesses nowadays are almost fully dependent on IT services, making the hardening and securing processes even more intense. The number of possible attack surfaces has emerged exponentially in direct relation to the increasingly competitive field of current technology we are witnessing where developers try to achieve more and more functionality from implemented solutions and applications.

The CAST 616: Securing Windows Infrastructure is designed with the single purpose of providing Info-Sec professionals with complete knowledge and practical skills necessary to secure their network infrastructure which is fast becoming if already not a top priority plus a major tech challenge for most security conscious organizations. This 3 day training deep dives into the key aspects of solving infrastructure-related problems by appreciating the key elements of how Windows Internal Security mechanisms actually work and how it can be further optimized without jeopardizing or easing an organization’s IT Environment configuration settings which becomes common as time passes. Some of the highlights of this course are techniques used in Kernel Debugging, Malware hunting, deep diving into BitLocker and the automation of the whole hardening process

Key Features

  • Breaking down the intricacies involved in a Windows Hardening process to little manageable bits
  • Attacking various infrastructure solutions to configure appropriate advanced security settings and defense
  • Hardening a Windows Environment by securing Windows objects and creating solution-related implementations
  • Analyzing and monitoring infrastructure performance and security
  • Examining the ways how data can be protected on a corporate user’s desktops and on file servers
  • Applying security settings to virtual private networks
  • Familiarizing the boot process and all the related investigation techniques
  • Exposing multiple methods to hacking operating systems, stealing information and getting malware into the network
  • Securing vital communications between servers

Who should attend

  • Passionate IT Professionals, including:
  • Information Security Professionals
  • Government Agents
  • IT Administrators
  • IT Architects
  • Risk Assessment Professionals
  • Penetration Testers


  • An understanding of infrastructure management
  • It’s recommended that students have MCTS certification on server or client technologies

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