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This certificate is one of the most powerful testimonies that are interested in the rehabilitation of workers in the sector accounting and financial work to spread the pages of programs in general and especially Alaksil program issued by the Maakruzov global company minutes of being in the use of propagation characteristics pages and employ them for the benefit of the design of accounting components capable of data and issue analysis financial statements in a professional manner and meet criteria

CAES importance

Be able to design an accounting trainee program is identical with the accounting standards designed to work everyday American system to be able to get all the financial statements Be able to design intern from other accounting software works on monitoring public Alhacat and as well as suppliers and customers' accounts and purchase invoices and sales invoices and control as well as the store in accordance with the processes that take place on the company's accounts and Rated Enable the trainee to become acquainted with all functions and industry-specific financial and accounting functions, which help him to the issuance of financial statements and analyzes in a professional and fast Enable the trainee to apply the method of control and follow-up to avoid data entry errors Be able to intern Bajae analysis and application filtering data to issue financial reports in accordance with the needs of the labor transactions Enable the trainee to activate the program on the Internet and participation and identify Asalasahaat users according to each user's work

The CAES Subject Area

PART I : Desgin Normal System

  • US daily design General journal design
  • The design of the trial balance
  • The design of the income statement
  • The balance sheet design

PART II : Desgin Advanced System

  • Design guide Alhacabat
  • Design List entry accounting entries and evidence linked accounts
  • Design suppliers and customers Borsdthm their borders and credit
  • The design of purchase invoices and accounts linked to suppliers
  • Design of sales invoices and customer accounts linked
  • The design of the list of classes, including the balance of the reality of purchase invoices and sales store and evaluate each category and the total store
  • The design of the income statement
  • The balance sheet design

PART III :Payroll System

  • Design a list of employees and their data
  • Receivables movement design and deductions
  • Design payroll and wages
  • Covenant settlement and advances
  • The settlement of dues to the insurance and income tax The application of financial sanctions

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