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.Net is a rising application development framework that adopts new programming methodology and is platform independent .Net framework uses C# as primary coding language. The IT professionals and students who are familiar with object oriented programming relatively find .Net an easy framework to learn. It uses Visual Studio as a key development tool and SQL Server as the database. This framework provides integrated, portable and managed environment for programming. Microsoft being the initiator of .NET Framework puts forward the following objectives that .Net framework fulfills:

Courses Outline- C# .Net

C# Language

Introduction Of .NET Framework

  • Basic Features Of .NET Languages
  • Assemblies
  • Structure of C# Program
  • C# Console
  • C# Variables
  • Keywords
  • Control (if, switch) statements
  • Looping Ststements (for, foreach, while, do-while) Statements
  • Goto, break, return statements
  • Namespaces

C# Objects And Types

  • Concept of object and object oriented programming
  • Classes and Structs
  • C# Methods
  • Properties
  • Constructors, constructor overloading
  • Destructors
  • Partial classes
  • Static classes, properties and methods
  • Encapsulation


  • Concept of Inheritance
  • Implementation of Inheritance
  • Virtual Methods
  • Abstract classes and Functions
  • Parameterised Constructors
  • Methods overloading

C# Interface

  • Definition and declaration of interface
  • Derived interfaces
  • Implementation of interfaces IComparable, IEnumerable, IDisposable, ICollection

Delegate And Events

  • Introduction Of Delegate
  • Declaration of delegate
  • Delegate implementation

Strings And Regular Expressions

  • String Operations And Formatting
  • Implementation of StringBuilder
  • Implementation of Regular Expression


  • Introduction Of Collection
  • ArrayList
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Dictionaries and HashTable

Entity Framework

  • Introduction Of Entity Framework
  • Understanding Database First, Code First, Model First
  • Implementing Database First
  • Implementing Model First
  • Implementing Code First
  • LINQ Expressions
  • Working with Stored Procedures
  • Crystal Report
  • Reporting Concept in CrystalReport
  • Designing And Formatting Complex Reports in Crystal Report
  • Syntax of writing formula in Crystal Report
  • Using Typed DataSet as DataSource In Crystal Report
  • SubReports In Crystal Report


  • Introduction Of LINQ
  • Implementation of LINQ

Crystal Report

  • Reporting Concept in Crystal Report
  • Designing And Formatting Complex Reports in Crystal Report
  • Syntax of writing formula in Crystal Report
  • Using Typed DataSet as DataSource In Crystal Report
  • SubReports In Crystal Report

Generics In C#(Concept

and Implementation

Threading (Concept

And Implementation)

Localization and Globalization


Data Access

  • ADO.NET Introduction
  • DataSet, DataTable
  • Database Specific Classes(SqlConnection, SqlCommand, SqlTransaction etc)
  • Database Connection
  • Executing Commands (ExecuteNonQuery(), ExecuteReader(), ExecuteScalar())
  • Stored Procedure Concept and Implementation
  • Tire Architectures(1 tire, 2 tire and 3 tire) example and implementation


  • XML Concept
  • Read, write and delete Operation in XML

Windows Forms And Controls

  • Form Inheritance
  • Using Windows Form Controls

Graphics (GDI+)


  • Common Dialogs (Open, Save, Color, font , print preview, print dialogs)
  • Streams
  • File Operations (Creating,deleting , Reading and Writing) in file
Updated on 23 August, 2016

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