Lecture 1: Introduction and Principles (3 Hrs)

  1. What is programming language?
  2. How the programs run?
  3. output functions.
  4. variables and Data types.
  5. Read value from user and process it.
  6. Mathematical basics.

Lecture 2: Control Structure (3 Hrs)

  1. Sequence Control structure.
  2. Selection Control Structures.
  3. If-else.
  4. Dangling-else Problem
  5. Switch.

Lecture 3: Repitition ( Loops ) (3 Hrs)

  1. For, while, do-while.
  2. Counter-Controlled Repetition.
  3. Sentinel-Controlled Repetition.
  4. break and continue Statements.
  5. Nested Control Statements.

Lecture 4: Functions (3 Hrs)

  1. Function Prototypes, built in functions and user defined functions.
  2. References and Reference Parameters, Scope Rules.
  3. Function overloading, and Function Templates.
  4. Inline Functions and recursive functions.
  5. Math Library Functions.

Lecture 5: Arrays (3 Hrs)

  1. Introduction to arrays.
  2. passing arrays to functions.
  3. Searching Arrays with Linear Search.
  4. 2-D arrays.
  5. Multidimensional arrays. 

Lecture 6: Pointers (3 Hrs)

  1. Call by reference, Call by value, and const member functions.
  2.  Pointer Variable Declarations and Initialization.
  3. Pointer Operators.
  4. Passing Arguments to Functions by Reference with Pointers.
  5. Relationship Between Pointers and Arrays.
  6. Pointer-Based String Processing.

Lecture 7: Advanced Topics (Search, Sort, …) (3 Hrs)

  1. Bubble sort function.
  2. Bubble sort using array .
  3. Pointer to functions.
  4. Linear search.
  5. Binary search.
  6. Search by recursion.

Lecture 8: Structures, Union and Enumeration (3 Hrs)

  1. Define struct.
  2. Use structs with functions.
  3. Union
  4. Enumeration

Lecture 9: Files Streaming (3 Hrs)

  1. Files and Streams.
  2. Creating a Sequential File,  Create, read and update file.
  3. Random-Access Files.
  4. Writing Data Randomly to a Random-Access File.

Lecture 10: Memory allocation and bitwise Operators (3 Hrs)

  1. Dynamic Memory allocation (malloc).
  2. Preprocessors.
  3. Bitwise Operators.
  4. Function with dynamic numbers of arguments

Lecture 11: Project (5 Hrs)

  1. Group of 2-3 persons select an idea.
  2. The lecturer discusses the code with you.

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