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Updated on 08 November, 2015

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.NET Developers who want to get up to speed quickly with the latest features of C# 5.0 in Visual Studio 2012, and learn C# 5.0 Best Practices

Prerequisites for the course

Experience of developing C# .NET Applications (Windows or Web) and a good understanding of Object Oriented Programming principles.

Course Contents 

Defining Members in .NET

  • A closer look at parameters
  • Construction and destruction
  • Properties

 Going Further with Types and Members

  • Static members
  • Operators
  • Partial types
  • Partial methods

Delegates, Events

  • Delegates
  • Asynchronous delegates
  • Events

C# Generics

  • Getting started with generics
  • A closer look at generics
  • Generic structs, delegates, interfaces
  • Generic methods

 Additional C# Language Features

  • Object and Collection Initialization
  • Anonymous Types
  • Extension Methods

LINQ to Objects

  • Introduction to LINQ
  • Using LINQ with arrays
  • Using LINQ with collections
  • LINQ techniques
  • LINQ under the hood
  • Serialization with C# & .NET
  • Runtime Serialization
  • Customizing Serialization
  • XML Serialization
  • Annex: Data contract serialization

Reflection and Metadata

  • Reflection
  • Late binding
  • Assembly metadata

Multithreading and Parallelization

  • Creating multiple threads
  • Additional thread techniques
  • Thread synchronization
  • Parallelization
  • Asynchronous methods

Dynamic Programming

  • Using the Dynamic Keyword
  • Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)

 Creating Windows Store Apps

  • Overview of Windows Store applications
  • Worked example
  • Adding controls and event handlers

Introduction to Design Patterns

  • What are Design Patterns?
  • What are Anti-Patterns?
  • What are Design Heuristics?

Using Design Patterns

  • Pattern classification
  • Creational patterns
  • Structural patterns
  • Behavioural patterns

Test Driven Development (TDD) and Unit Testing Principles

  • Why do TDD and Unit Testing?
  • What tools are available?

Unit Testing with NUnit

  • How to Test
  • Using NUnit
  • Test fixtures and methods
  •  Asserts

Test Doubles and Mocking

  • What are doubles?
  • Continuum of doubles
  • Mocking frameworks
  • Different approaches to mocking

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