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Updated on 08 November, 2015

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This course will show you how ro work with Visual studio and .NET framework. This course is aimed for beginners who have no programming experience before. Trainees will work with various form controls and other tools to create simple applications.

In this C#.NET Course you’ll be dealing with variables, operators, classes and methods with extra topics that will help you to form a simple application, Which will also help you to learn more about object-oriented programming (OOP). Open Vision is a leading training center in Egypt that will go with you step-by-step to certification complete. by that time, C#.Net or any other .NET programming Language will be easier for you now.



  • .NET framework and Managed code model
  • Application structure
  • Hello world application

Programming fundamentals:

  • Data types and declaring variables
  • Flow control using conditional and iterative statements
  • Methods and parameters
  • Arrays
  • Strings Manipulation
  • Regular Expressions

Object Oriented programming

  • Class and Object
  • Encapsulation and data hiding
  • Code reuse and Abstraction using Inheritance
  • Polymorphism using Overriding and overloading
  • Packages
  • Abstraction and Interfaces
  • Inner classes and anonymous objects

More C#:

  • Exception handling
  • Collections and Generics essentials
  • Connecting to Databases (SQLServer)
  • Streams and Files
  • GUI and Event driven programming
  • Multithreading fundamentals

About Open Vision Training

Open Vision is a brilliant Egyptian training company founded by very talented enthusiastic engineers and training experts. They provide unique and special training services, courses and diplomas that qualify our trainees to contribute professionally in the IT industry. They focus more on software engineering and software development courses. Have a look at our Diplomas page to know more about what They offer.

They design our courses and diplomas to perfectly qualify our trainees to the market demanding jobs. They provide not only the technical part, but also the soft skills training in order to form complete training packages to graduate a full qualified trainees.

Our instructors are working on multi-national companies and they have the perfect knowledge and in-market experience that our trainees need. Check our instructors page here to know more about them.

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