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Updated on 08 November, 2015

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C++ programming course is intended for those who wish to learn advanced programming concepts. C++ training course presents a thorough introduction to object – oriented programming in C++ for basic programmers. It effectively designed to upgrade your programming chops into expert – level territory.

 Course Contents 

  • Introduction

Functions in C++:

  • Functions
  • Inline functions.
  • Default Arguments.
  • Function overloading
  • Friend Functions and Virtual functions.

Classes and Objects:

  • Class and Member Functions.
  • Method definition.
  • Inline Implementation.
  • Nesting member functions.

Constructors and Destructors:

  • Constructors.
  • Parameterized Constructors.
  • Multiple constructors with in a class.

Operator Overloading and Type Conversions:

  • Defining operator overloading.
  • Overloading Unary and Binary Operators.


Definition of inheritance

Types of Inheritance.

  • Polymorphism and Virtual Functions:
  • Pointers to Objects.
  • this pointer.
  • Virtual Functions.

Managing Console I/O Operations:

  • C++ Streams.

Working with files:

  • Introduction.
  • Sequential Input Output Operations.
  • Updating a File:Random Access.
  • Error Handling During File Operations.
  • Command Line Arguments.

Exception handling.

  • Introduction.
  • Basic of Exception Handling.
  • Exception Handling Mechanism.

About Family Computer Center

Family Computers is one of the pioneering companies to open computer training centre in Qatar and provides training services to corporate houses and individuals alike.  we provide training for a wide range of topics related to computers and have trained in excess of 40,000 students. A figure which is more than most of the training providers put together.

We are always in the forefront in launching job oriented, practical computer training courses. We emphasis on the importance of individual attention to students and limited students in a batch. This also helps us to improve the quality of our service.

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