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Updated on 08 November, 2015
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High-level computer programming language, C++ is an object-oriented language that was created as an extension to the C language, and that has been widely used to develop enterprise and commercial applications.

C++ became popular because it combined traditional C programming with object-oriented programming (OOP) features.

Microsoft's Visual C++ is the most widely used C++ language, it is traditional C language with added object-oriented programming capabilities. C++, along with Java, has become popular for developing commercial software packages that incorporate multiple interrelated applications

About Basilic College

Basilic College For Computer And Languages is an institute of higher education degree, its mission is to provide high quality educational programs & training that empotheyr students with professional opportunities in their future career.

The career- Oriented degree programs contain integrated solutions to stimulate student's intellectual growth, to contribute to their personal development and to enhance their potential for career advanced.

BASILIC COLLEGE is committed to maintaining international standards in teaching of labor market in Lebanon for today's means preparation for modern living committed to qualifying students for personal and professional success in life.

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