Supply chain management integrates supply and demand management within and across companies. It encompasses coordination and collaboration with partners, which can be suppliers, manufacturers, retailers as well as different functions such as, production, marketing and finance. It studies the interaction between these areas.

This program provides a study of supply chain components, namely purchasing, production, distribution networks and project management. It concentrates on managerial challenges faced in coordinating these components and optimizing the system.

Main objectives:

  • Learning to optimize budget efficiency by managing the supply chain,
  • Taking advantage of technology to redesign operational processes,
  • Providing better service quality at a lower cost,
  • Assessing sourcing, purchasing, producing or buying and procurement policies.

Qatar is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and is thus a very attractive business destination.

The economic growth of Qatar has been mainly based on its petroleum and natural gas industries. HoTheyver, according to the Qatar National Vision, economic policy is focused on developing  non-energy sectors. The aim is to transform the current carbon-based economy to an advanced, competitive and knowledge-based economy.

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